Roofing Magnet – 7 Roofing Lead Magnet Ideas

Growing your customer base is always a good idea, but finding new customers can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, you already have an excellent tool for getting more clients: roofing lead magnets.…

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Roofing Lead Magnet

Growing your customer base is always a good idea, but finding new customers can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, you already have an excellent tool for getting more clients: roofing lead magnets.

Lead magnets are powerful tools that attract potential customers and turn them into paying ones without any hard work or expense. You need to know how to use them effectively. This article will outline practical roofing magnet ideas you can use to get clients in your own roofing company.

Free Guide on Roof Anatomy

Free guides are a classic customer outreach technique. You can’t go wrong with giving potential customers the free information they want. Take the time to create a detailed guide on roof anatomy, something readers will find helpful in determining their own needs.

The guide can contain anything from a glossary of roofing terms to visuals that outline the different types of roofs and how they work. Potential clients will enjoy this helpful resource since it will help them choose the best roof for their needs.

Free Estimates on Roof Replacement or Installation

One of the most powerful things you can do with your lead magnets is give potential customers what they’re looking for. In this case, free estimates on roof replacement or installation. This type of magnet works particularly well because people usually look for an estimate before moving forward with any building or restoration project.

By offering them something they want, you’ll be able to start building trust and familiarity with clients right away. As long as you follow through with excellent customer service, this will be sure to attract more leads.

Discounts on Your Products or Services

While some people might expect discounts as part of your customer service, others will be surprised by this gesture. If you’re looking to attract those potential customers without giving out discounts, a better idea is to offer a surprise discount on your roofing services or products.

It can be as simple as a 10% off coupon that expires within the month, if not sooner, for future purchases. The key here is to make sure you clarify what the discount applies to and when it expires so they know exactly how much they will end up paying.

Informative Checklists

In addition to guides, another excellent tool for attracting clients is checklists. They’re beneficial because they allow customers who use them to get more out of your services. For example, you might create a checklist on preparing the home for an installation or what to do after an installation has been completed.

Checklists are easier for clients because they don’t have to read through long explanations about your company and its products. Instead, they can use these checklists as their go-to resource for all things related to roofs and restoration. They’re also helpful if you want to attract DIY customers.

Free Samples of Your Products or Services

Another way to use lead magnets is by offering free samples, like the “free estimate” magnet mentioned above. The key here is making sure that potential clients know what they can expect when they get in touch with you. If your roofing services are top-notch, for example, this will help build trust right away. 


One of the best ways to attract more leads is through giveaways because people love getting stuff! It helps them feel special and shows them that their business means a lot to you. A great way to get started with giveaways is by offering a gift for new customers. This will show them that you want their business, allowing them to feel more confident about what they choose from there on out.

Free Consulting Sessions

Another option is the “consultation” magnet. For example, some of your potential clients might be looking for advice on what type of roofing they should have installed or how to go about restoration if their roof has been damaged.

That’s why it can help attract leads by offering a free consultation session through a phone call, email, or in-person meeting. It’s essential you make it clear how long this consultation lasts and where potential clients need to be to qualify. If possible, try having videos available with FAQs. It will help them feel confident in their decision to use your services, especially if they make a large purchase.

Wrap Up

No matter what type of magnet you end up choosing, the key is making sure that potential clients know exactly how it will benefit them. It will help attract more leads for your roofing services.

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