​​How to Find Roofing Jobs Now With Social Media

You may or may not be surprised to discover that social media is an excellent tool for expanding the reach of your roofing business. Social media can be used for branding, marketing,…

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Roofing SEO Lead Generation 2021

You may or may not be surprised to discover that social media is an excellent tool for expanding the reach of your roofing business. Social media can be used for branding, marketing, customer service, and lead generation. Keep reading to learn six different solutions on how to get roofing jobs through social media.


Social media can be used to get more business by branding and marketing. Branding is the process of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies a company or product. For example, roofing companies can use social media to establish their brand identity.

It can help potential clients know that if they need a roofing company, their company will be the most likely to meet their needs. In addition, companies that use social media to create brand awareness may see more people choose them instead of competitors. This is because branding helps potential customers remember who they are and their type of work.


General marketing on social media can also be used to get more roofing jobs. Roofing companies can use social media for marketing their business by sharing information. It can include sharing articles and videos about roofs, storms, roofs in the winter, and anything else that may interest potential clients.

It can also involve sharing articles and videos about how well or poorly a client’s neighbor’s home or business was fixed during a storm and how the roofing company that did the work had better equipment or personnel. Marketing can also be done by sharing infographics about storms and roofs.


Infographics can be used to market a roofing company. Infographics are visual communication that creatively uses information and data to convey an idea or argument.

Virtual design competitions where companies share infographics about roofs, storms, winter weather, and other relevant topics sometimes have cash prizes for the best infographic. They may also have the winning infographics shared on their website and other social media sites.

Customer Service

Roofing companies can use social media to provide better customer service than they would if they only used direct contact channels such as phone calls or emails for communicating with clients. One way that companies can improve their customer service with social media is by using chatbots.

Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate human behavior and speech for interacting with customers. For instance, some chatbots allow clients to ask questions about their roof online. If the chatbot cannot answer the question, it will route the person’s question to a real person who works for the company.

Lead Generation

Roofing companies can use social media to get leads for roofing jobs. Roofers may have already spent lots of time and money in the past, generating leads using direct contact methods like phone calls and emails. However, social media can generate more leads at a much lower cost than many other lead generation methods.

A lead is a person who might be interested in hiring a roofing company to do work on their home or business. Potential leads can usually be found by searching for keywords related to roofs, finding local events where people are talking about roofs, and looking at maps of areas recently affected by storms. 

Lead generation methods include:

  • Posting videos of roofs.
  • Infographics about roofs or storms.
  • Asking questions in forums related to roofs.

Other ways roofing companies can generate leads using social media include asking questions on forums, posting videos of roofs, and sharing infographics about roofs or storms.


Roofers can use social media to track what their competition is doing. Social media analytics are beneficial for monitoring competitors who either have many Twitter followers or a large number of Facebook fans. Roofers on Twitter can find many different social media analytics websites that will track their competitors’ followers.

To better understand the competition, roofing companies should look at how many followers or fans they have and compare these metrics to competitors’ follower count ratios. This comparison can reveal how many customers a competitor may have for every follower on social media.


There are many different ways roofing companies can use social media to get more work. For example, suppose more roofing companies used social media as part of their business strategy. In that case, they may quickly get roofing jobs by reaching thousands of potential customers online without spending lots of money on marketing campaigns or phone calls. And doing so is the goal of every roofing company that wants to find more clients and more work.

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