Competition in Roofing? How Much + Statistics

If you’re new to roofing, one thing you should know before you get involved in the industry is that competition is stiff. If you’ve been in the industry a while, you already…

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Roofing Competition Statistics

If you’re new to roofing, one thing you should know before you get involved in the industry is that competition is stiff. If you’ve been in the industry a while, you already know this from experience.

Competition in roofing has always been pretty high. It’s an industry where the cream of the crop rise to the top, and others may struggle. 

Understanding the state of the market you’re working in will help you strategize sales and marketing methods to help you beat the competition. Below, we’re sharing the most important statistics you should be aware of in roofing and breaking down the competition you’re looking at so you can succeed.

Roofing Market Competition Today

Competition in the roofing market is stiff in some areas, while it might not be felt as much in others. It has a lot to do with the rate of new real estate and infrastructure projects, the age of buildings, the weather in the area, and the workforce that’s available in your area.

With more roofing projects comes more opportunities for work, which can attract roofing companies to a particular area. Other areas that see slower rates of new construction may not face the same level of competition. 

However, with so much of the roofing industry made up of re-roofs, it also has a lot to do with the average age of homes and buildings in your area. Older buildings and homes are more likely to need re-roof services, so the competition may still be stiff in your area if there is a high number of re-roof projects up for grabs.

Areas with poor weather may have more roofing damage, leading to more work available, driving competition. Places such as Florida, which sees lots of hurricanes, or Denver, which sees lots of hail, are great examples of places where weather plays a significant role in the roofing industry.

Finally, the available workforce in your area will also impact competition. Areas that are experiencing labor shortages won’t have as many roofing companies that can compete for jobs, reducing some of the competition. In areas where the labor force is abundant, there will be more contractors to bid on any given job.

Important Roofing Facts and Statistics and What They Mean for You

Want to understand more about the roofing industry with hard facts and numbers? Here are some of the essential roofing statistics you need to know:

These statistics spell out the current state of competition in the industry and what to expect in the coming years.

How to Beat the Competition

To beat the competition in roofing, you need an edge over the other roofing companies in your area. Consider implementing the following tips into your sales, marketing, and customer service strategies so you can win more bids over the competition:

  • Utilize social media marketing to your advantage
  • Stay connected with leads and past customers
  • Hire skilled laborers
  • Encourage online reviews and ask for testimonials
  • Use video to engage customers online
  • Get involved in community events

While these may seem like simple tips, if you’re missing one or more in your approach, it could make the difference between losing and winning bids.

Before You Go

Competition in the roofing industry is high, but what matters more than the country’s overall levels of competition is the competition in your service area. Things like the rate of new infrastructure, the average age of roofs, how big the workforce is, the weather, and the demand for new roofing projects all play a significant role in determining where you stand.

Use the tips shared here to get a leg up over your competition.

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