Roofing Business Checklist for Running a Successful Company

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a house. It protects the inside from water and other elements and provides insulation for homes in colder climates. Therefore, businesses specializing in…

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Roofing Business Checklist

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a house. It protects the inside from water and other elements and provides insulation for homes in colder climates. Therefore, businesses specializing in roofing are vital, as they keep houses safe and consistent.

In addition, they offer the ability to install new roofs on homes or refurbish old roofs into patios or even garages. Running a roofing company is hard work, but it will undoubtedly succeed if the company follows this roofing business checklist.

✅ Get the Right Tools

Every roofing job requires different tools, depending on what they will be doing. If it is a simple installation of new shingles, they will need to have nail guns, tar paper, and shingles, for example.

More extensive projects like an entire roof tear-off or re-roof may also need heavy equipment like a crane. Before heading out to a project, they should go over what tools they may need and make sure to have them on hand. Otherwise, the job could be even more difficult or time-consuming.

✅ Clean Up After Yourself

A roofing company that works quickly to get in and out of a house will get more business. However, leaving a mess behind can ruin that reputation, especially if they get to the next job and there are nails all over the ground or leftover tar paper on the shingles.

It may seem like an unnecessary hassle at first, but getting into the habit of tarping off walkways will save time later on when customers are walking around.

✅ Plan Ahead

Every house is different, so before starting a roofing project, it’s essential to know what they are getting into. They should visit the site and look at the outside of the home to spot any potential issues before starting. It will make things go much smoother if they are prepared for problems or questions ahead of time.

✅ Get Recommendations

The best way for a roofing company to get new business is by word-of-mouth. People would be more likely to see their work and recommend them if they did good work for someone else. Before starting, they should walk around the neighborhood and talk with neighbors while offering a free estimate or general information while out in their area.

✅ Take Classes

It’s never too late to go back to school and learn something new. There are plenty of roofing schools in the area that can offer classes on how to roof, how different products work, and other helpful information for running a company. Taking classes will give them more knowledge and help them do their job better.

✅ Treat Employees Well

If employees aren’t happy, it shows in their work and how often customers call back for future jobs. So companies should offer paid vacations, health insurance, and other perks that might not be available to standard workers doing manual labor to keep employees content. 

✅ Make Time for Employee Training

Training is vital to a roofing company, as it will teach employees how to do their job safely and correctly. Therefore, it’s essential to make time in the schedule during slow periods or before busy seasons for classes on new materials or equipment that they may need.

✅ Be Knowledgeable of Insurance Requirements

Before starting a roofing job, companies should know what kinds of insurance they need and if local authorities might require any permits. If they aren’t insured or appropriately licensed, working on roofs can become even more dangerous than it already is – not to mention being shut down by police, so homeowners are protected.

✅ Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

One of the worst things a roofing company can do is make customers promise about starting and finishing jobs early – especially if they don’t plan to keep those promises. It will ruin a reputation in the community and make it hard to gain new customers.

✅ Be Willing to Fix Mistakes

Roofers should never ignore something that needs fixing, even if it’s not their fault. It will leave a wrong impression on homeowners they’ve already worked for, and word could spread around town quickly about a shoddy repair job.

Calling another company instead of taking the blame isn’t the solution either. Homeowners may be upset with both companies, so owning up to mistakes can save face down the road.


Running a successful roofing business can take a ton of work, but it’s worth the effort in the end. Companies that do good work for their customers and treat employees well will continue to grow as time goes on, while those who ignore problems or mistreat workers will falter quickly.

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