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Roof Measurement Software vs Hand Measuring (Pro’s + Con’s)

The ease measurement tools and software bring you can’t be overstated. They save time and effort, making the process a whole lot easier.  They also offer the needed accuracy because an accurate…

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drone taking picture of roof for roof measurement software vs hand measuring

The ease measurement tools and software bring you can’t be overstated. They save time and effort, making the process a whole lot easier. 

They also offer the needed accuracy because an accurate roofing measurement is the bedrock of any successful project.

On the one hand, we’ve come to know software as a game-changer in the rapidly-evolving roofing industry. Conversely, it’s hard to part from the tried and true hand-measuring technique. 

Which of these is more effective? And which works best in 2022? We’re going to look at the pros and cons of roof measurement software vs hand measuring and how to get more out of your roof measurement tool. 

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What are the Pros of Hand Measuring?

There are a lot of pros to hand measuring. Many consider it the tried and true method because it’s how most people learned to take measurements for material costing.

Here are a few of the pros that come with hand measuring:

You Get First-hand Contact with the Roof 🏡

Hand measuring affords you the opportunity to:

  • Touch the roof, 
  • Check out the venting,
  • Confirm the wood’s integrity – in case of rottenness or anything like that,
  • and see if there are issues other than what you were called for

Measuring software can’t detect or notice most of these details.

Fosters a One-on-One Relationship With Your Customer 🤝

You get to talk things out in more detail and familiarize yourself with their unique situation as you walk through the roof repair or replacement process with the homeowner.

roofing sales process with contractor and homeowner in front of brick building

What Are the Pros of Using a Roof Measurement Software?

As expected, technology would always be miles ahead of a manual method. From helping you manage pricing to making things faster, roof measurement software makes life a lot easier for roofers. Let’s see some ways it’s been helpful:

Increases your Speed 🚆

When you get a call from a homeowner, there’s usually a sense of urgency behind the call. Roofing purchases are mostly unplanned, unlike other purchases, like buying a car. Be it because of storm damage or a leak, you’ll find the homeowner anxious and ready to fix the problem immediately. Roof measurement software allows you to grab your measurements and help them out quickly.

You Get a Boost on Your Accuracy 🎯

While taking measurements, there’s a lot of room to make mistakes. And once there’s a mistake, you’ll likely estimate the number of materials you need incorrectly and lose some money. Measuring software helps reduce the chances of this happening.

What Are the Cons of Hand Measuring?

Hand-measuring may afford you the time and proximity to get to know your client’s needs in more detail, but it can be very time-consuming. Here are some other downsides to our long-standing hand measuring technique.

It’s a Long Process ⏳

Getting a lead, qualifying the lead, booking an appointment, taking the first inspection, taking measurements, and making calculations – by doing all of this by yourself, it could take a while to come up with an estimate for your client.

Roofer considers roof measurement software vs hand measuring while holding a tape measure

It Might Put You at a Disadvantage Where There Is Competition 👎

If someone else grabs a measurement faster than you (with software, perhaps), they might snag your job! 

What Are the Cons of Roofing Measurement Software?

As the saying goes, with every advantage comes a disadvantage. Although the disadvantages of roofing software are nearly negligible, they still have some consideration. Here’s one of them:

Interpreting the Software Wrong Could Cost You 💸

This downside of measurement software mainly depends on which software you’re using and how you interpret it, especially when working with any DIY feature. If you don’t measure correctly, scaling could be an issue. And if the image is titled or off-centered, it can throw off your measurement.

To beat this, you should always double-check your results because whatever you measure is your bottom line after that. However, most software is usually very accurate.

Maximizing Your Roofing Tools and Software

Most software companies design their products to be selective or all-inclusive. That means some focus on one service while others have a wide variety of options. But the question is, how can you maximize your software of choice? And what should you be getting out of your roofing software in 2022?

We’ve found that versatility is the main feature to look out for. With software like Roofr, you can order a report and have it delivered to you within a reasonable time frame and at a fair price.

For instance, when you’re working on a complex project, you need your drawings to be super accurate. But you can also do it yourself by taking the measurements and drawing them out. Of course, that would be cheaper for you. It’s a question of choice and what would work best for your project.

By using a roofing measurement tool, you’ll not just be speeding up your sales process, but you’ll also be more confident as you are less error-prone, and your standard of professionalism will impress your clients.

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