107 Creative Remodeling and Renovation Company Names

Renovation companies have a distinct advantage when it comes to naming their business, there are endless possibilities. The word renovation itself already sounds cool and interesting, so you can practically add any…

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Renovation companies have a distinct advantage when it comes to naming their business, there are endless possibilities. The word renovation itself already sounds cool and interesting, so you can practically add any word before it and you might have a somewhat decent name.

Rhombus Renovation, see? That was the first word that popped into my head and I actually think that’s an okay name. I’m not saying that you should use a random word generator and slap the first result on a logo, that’s a bad idea. I know that because I tried it and the result was Sodium Dog Restoration, not quite what we’re looking for. Technically it is creative, but that’s not the point!

The point is that with some intentionality, you can come up with a name that’s actually creative fairly quickly! Think about what your company does well, something in your city that people recognize, or a characteristic of the work you do. That will help you start thinking of some ideas for creative names that make sense. You can use the 107 names below as a reference as you’re generating ideas.

Here are 107 names that are actually creative

  1. Addition Doctors
  2. H.I.P. Renovations – Home Improvement Pros
  3. A Great Addition Company
  4. Your Home Your Choice!
  5. New Hue Remodeling
  6. Summit 515 Renovation
  7. Style and Structure
  8. InsideOut Renovations
  9. Straight A Remodelers 
  10. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
  11. Knockout Renovation
  12. Forever Home Remodeling
  13. Red Oak Renovations
  14. Evergreen Designers
  15. Dustoff Renovations
  16. Out With the Old Remodeling
  17. Above & Beyond Renovations
  18. Renovation Systems
  19. Modern Trends Remodeling
  20. Showcase Renovation
  21. Sakura Home Design
  22. Magic Touch Renovations
  23. Big Bear Remodeling 
  24. Artison Homes & Renovations
  25. Lakeside Renovation
  26. Welcome Home Design
  27. Legacy Remodeling
  28. Nest Homes Remodeling
  29. Envision Remodeling and Design
  30. Golden Beam Renovation
  31. My Home Renovations
  32. Strong City Renovations
  33. Elegant Home Improvement
  34. Top Tier Renovation
  35. Element Design
  36. American Home Remodeling
  37. Thompsons Fine Homes
  38. The Renovation Pros
  39. Captain Renovation and Contracting
  40. Quality Design and Build
  41. Platinum Remodeling
  42. Bright Star Building and Remodeling
  43. Gallery Kitchen and Bath
  44. Sunny House Renovation
  45. Blueprint Builders and Renovation
  46. Allure Home Improvements
  47. Royal Renovators
  48. VIP Construction and Remodeling
  49. Interior Excellence
  50. Fresh Start Homes
  51. Masters of Renovation
  52. Full House Remodeling
  53. Elevate Construction and Design
  54. Handyworks Renovation
  55. Good Deeds Painting and Remodeling
  56. TLC Home Renovation
  57. Pacific Star Home Improvement
  58. Built Square Design and Building
  59. Renovation Resolutions
  60. Big Mack Renovations
  61. The Vintage Feel Remodeling Company
  62. Toolbox Restoration
  63. Aspire Custom Home Designs
  64. Plus One Construction and Remodeling
  65. Green Island Builders
  66. Classic Home Improvements
  67. Spyglass Renovation Company
  68. Smithsonian Renovations
  69. Craftsman Design and Renovation
  70. All Aspects Remodeling
  71. Eureka Exteriors and Interiors
  72. Straight Line Design and Remodeling
  73. The Humble Home Improvers
  74. New Leaf Design
  75. Rocking Horse Renovation
  76. Bend Build and Remodel
  77. 90 Degree Renovation
  78. Renaissance Restoration
  79. Ovation Design and Build
  80. Blue Sky Baths and Kitchens
  81. Timber and Love
  82. Fine Wine Kitchen Renovations
  83. Luxury Home Remodeling 
  84. The Remodeling Ninjas
  85. Golden View Renovation
  86. Next Stage Design + Build
  87. The Bath Smiths
  88. Visionary Home Remodeling
  89. Cosmic Renovation
  90. Mr & Mrs Remodeling
  91. American Kitchen Company
  92. Constructive Solutions
  93. Granite Transformations
  94. Uptown Design and Renovations
  95. Horizon Construction & Remodeling
  96. Designing Comfortable Living 
  97. 1 800 Remodeling
  98. Precision Home Design
  99. A Cut Above Builders and Renovation
  100. Inspired Remodels
  101. Green Renovation Group
  102. Integrity Restoration
  103. Southern Charm Remodeling
  104. Smart Renovation Solutions
  105. Bedrock Building and Remodeling
  106. Hola Bonita Homes
  107. RGB Renovations

Key takeaways:

1.  Don’t name your company Sodium Dog Restoration

2. Have fun when you’re coming up with ideas for names

3. Fuel your creativity with things that inspire you

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