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7 Tips For How to Recruit The Best HVAC Technicians

When you think of attracting HVAC technicians, do you think of a tough, dirty job? Think about a high-priced, entry-level position that demands an inordinate amount of physical exertion, and above all,…

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Hiring Recruiting The Best HVAC Technicans

When you think of attracting HVAC technicians, do you think of a tough, dirty job? Think about a high-priced, entry-level position that demands an inordinate amount of physical exertion, and above all, requires that the technician possess certain skills.

These skills, more often than not, fall under the heading of communication. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for HVAC technicians to be required to complete specialized training sessions on how to better communicate with their clients and other technicians as well as how to better deal with and work with clients.

Hiring Recruiting The Best HVAC Technicans

1. Tighten up internal communication so you know when to hire – hiring well is the #1 most important skill of the best HVAC companies

Part of being an HVAC technician involves learning how to communicate with others. This is especially important when you are recruiting HVAC contractors because in order to successfully do your job, you must know what it takes to effectively communicate with your prospective employees or clients. This is very important to understand if you are serious about recruiting HVAC technicians because this skill is very important to the success of your business.

When you fail to recruit or retain your top quality technicians, you run the risk of losing your competitive edge and eventually being forced to hire entry-level or even sub-entry-level employees who do not posses the skills you are looking for.

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2. Don’t be too proud – to not prioritize this if you and your team need help

Another issue that surrounds HVAC is that many times, HVAC contractors tend to try and do work themselves instead of hiring outside help. Some of them do so because they do not have the technical knowledge required to complete large projects. Others still may simply do it because they have a sense of pride and like to do things by themselves. While it is true that you can save money by doing things yourself, you will significantly risk failure. You should never attempt any task that you are not confident in doing.

3. It’s not just about hiring – it’s about systems for training

In addition to hiring the best candidates possible, you also need to put a great deal of effort into training your HVAC contractors. This includes looking at your competition closely and finding out what they are doing to succeed in the business. Do not simply focus on hiring the cheapest labor available. Instead, find the most talented and cost-effective candidates so that your overall operating expenses remain low while quality remains high.

4. Don’t rush your decisions and short-circuit your hiring

When you are hiring HVAC contractors, you need to take your time when making your decision. You cannot afford to be in a rush. Take the time to interview each candidate to find out more about their abilities and their work ethic. You should also ask for references and referrals so that you can find out if they have the skills you are looking for. Consider asking friends and family for recommendations, too.

5. Ensure your people have the best tools available, and your processes are tight

Before you make any decisions regarding hiring HVAC contractors, take some time to evaluate your current operations. How efficient are your business systems? Are they up to par with what you are looking for? Are you able to reduce costs by investing in better equipment? Taking the time to do a thorough job of evaluating your current practices will allow you to hire the very best.

6. Perks and incentive systems to get the best out of your HVAC technicians

If you have already begun hiring HVAC technicians, then it is time for you to consider perks. Most companies offer competitive benefits packages for new employees. If you have yet to offer these, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Employees who are working in the best facilities are more likely to succeed. After all, you would rather pay a bit more for an employee who is efficient and reliable than invest money in benefits that are not effective. When you include perks in the equation, you will be attracting the very best employees to work for your company.

7. Know it’s difficult for everyone

Attracting HVAC technicians is a difficult task. However, if you focus on meeting the teams needs and requirements and offering quality perks, you will attract the very best to work for your heating and cooling company.

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