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Google Penalty Recovery Services: 8 Top Companies

If you’ve received a Google Penalty, then your business could be in grave danger. Google is one of the easiest ways to monetize an online business, but their restrictions can hurt you…

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google penalty recovery services

If you’ve received a Google Penalty, then your business could be in grave danger. Google is one of the easiest ways to monetize an online business, but their restrictions can hurt you just as quickly as they can help. 

Fortunately, several recovery services and SEO businesses you can employ to help recover from a Google penalty. We know that time is of the essence in these situations, so let’s jump right into our article about the top 8 google penalty recovery services. 

What is a Google Penalty Recovery Service? 

Google can give penalties for a multitude of reasons. From over-spamming newsletters to collecting unauthorized data, Google reserves the right to penalize any website they deem unsuspecting of their rules. 

These penalties will result in your site not appearing on searches or dropping to the bottom of SEO rankings. A penalty recovery service can help you redeem your website and climb back up the SEO rankings. They are one of the few ways a company can recover after Google penalized it. 

Top 8 Google Penalty Recovery Services

Below, you’ll find some of the best services on the internet for repairing a Google penalty. 

1. OuterBox 

OuterBox is a Web Design, ECommerce, and SEO site with specialized services for Google Penalty recovery. They have 400+ clients and have successfully created over 100,000 first-page rankings on Google for companies. 

They offer explanations for your Google penalty and know proven methods for climbing back up to the top. They even have an example of a company that went from a 30% drop in web traffic to a 100% increase after using their service. 

2. Dagmar Digital Marketing

Dagmar digital marketing has a great system for addressing Google Penalties. They have a straightforward form at the top of their landing so you can enter all your case’s relevant information and get to solving your issue right away. 

Their process begins by obtaining your link data. Then they use that data to backtrack the issue and remove any unwanted links that are causing your site to fall. Finally, they will file a reconsideration request with Google on your behalf. 

3. Infinidigit

For those looking to recover from a Google Penalty, Infinidigit will be able to get you on the right track. They know all about the Google Panda Update that launched in 2011, ranking quality websites higher. They are also aware of Google Penguin in 2012 adding more parameters to these regulations. 

4. Alan Bleiweiss Consulting

Alan Bleiweiss Consulting is an online marketing consultation service that gives sustainable SEO audits to interested companies. They also offer their own Google penalty recovery service which emphasizes the use of Google Webmaster Tools. 

As they describe it, Google Webmaster Tools will notify you if you’ve received a penalty. Without it, you can be kept in the dark about why your site isn’t ranking well indefinitely. They also look into other reasons for a site’s ranking to fall, like changes to the SEO algorithm and multi-faceted weaknesses. 

5. Page Traffic

Page Traffic is another SEO platform that helps with Google penalties related to the Panda and Penguin updates. They also offer manual penalty recovery services. They can bring you back to the top through a baseline rank check, Copyscape (to find duplicity), and many other processes. 

6. Float-Digital

Float Digital offers free audits for companies who feel they might have been penalized by Google. They offer several explanations for why you have been deranked, like buying links to your site or people ignoring your link because it’s a paid ad. 

7. Over the Top SEO

Over Top SEO works who partners with clients after an extensive screening process. They have a significant dedication to providing high-quality service and realize that some people on the internet might not meet those standards. 

If you feel you have a top-tier product, then they might be perfect for helping you recover from a Google Penalty. 

8. Impressive Digital

Impressive Digital is another fantastic service for Google penalty recovery. Their service focuses on identifying duplicate content and re-indexing websites to build back your search engine reputation. 

They closely monitor SERP (search engine ranking pages), so they can monitor your climb back to search engine relevance. 


A Google penalty is not a death sentence. With the right company, your business can make a full recovery and come back even stronger. Remember that SEO is a game of knowledge, and by staying informed, you are already a step ahead. 

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