Proven Remodeling Marketing Ideas for 2024

Are you unimpressed with your remodeling marketing ideas and efforts so far this year? It might be time to try something new. However, if your business is like many others, you don’t…

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Remodeling Marketing Ideas

Are you unimpressed with your remodeling marketing ideas and efforts so far this year? It might be time to try something new.

However, if your business is like many others, you don’t have the capital to try different ideas without any sense of if they will work.

Even though that could be the case, some remodeling marketing ideas are effective and proven tools. Read on to learn more.

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Create a Traffic Magnet for Interacting with Customers

Is there an online presence for your business, achievements, stories, projects, and more? Having a business website attracts visitors and encourages them to become clients. When it comes to remodeling marketing ideas, a website should be at the top of the list.

Create a website you can use to interact with your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Speak to Your Ideal Client

You must know your audience. When you know the type of clients you are targeting, you can create a message to generate the desired results.

Once you create your message, put it somewhere visible to your clients – such as on your website. You can also use it on social media, third-party sites, billboards, and more.

Implement Video in Your Marketing Efforts

More businesses and people in the remodeling industry are starting to use video, and with good reason. Video provides a source of engaging content people enjoy.

Some video ideas include answering questions, providing how-to’s, and showing projects you completed. Make the videos casual, helpful, and fun. Don’t make it a sales pitch. Also, don’t worry about having superior production values.

People consume video at significant rates, and viewers value authenticity over content that is too polished. With video, you can connect one-on-one with potential customers on a personal level.

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Improve Your Social Media Presence

Whether your business is large or small, using the power of social media is an excellent opportunity to show customers the more personal aspects of your company.

When you do this correctly and consistently, social media is an effective tool that helps you reach potential customers and continue the conversation with existing clientele. If you are not engaging with customers on social media daily, you’re overlooking a huge chance for growth.

Check out our free Social Media course for contractors!

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

After your website is up and running and you improved your social media presence, make sure people can find you online. If you want to ensure you receive a strong response from your online customers, there are two things to do.

One is to list your business on Google My Business so your brand shows up on Google Maps and Google searches. You also have to put time and effort into SEO.

To improve the SEO of your website, build a site that is visible at the top of search engine results. SEO helps you rank higher on Google and enhances your brand reputation online.

Some steps to improve SEO for your remodeling company include:

  • Using the right keywords.
  • Using secure HTTPS.
  • Improving title tags, header tags, descriptions, and meta titles.
  • Improving web page loading speed for higher retention.
  • Optimizing content and images on your web page.

With the right SEO tactics, you can improve your brand authority and ensure your remodeling business stands out from the competition.

Create Content Regularly

The remodeling world continues to evolve. It’s up to you to keep your potential customers and clients informed. An effective way to do this is by regularly posting quality content. By doing so, your clientele will view you as an authority in your industry, and people will consider your business as a go-to source for information.

Remodeling Marketing Ideas That Work

When it comes to remodeling marketing ideas, there are many options to consider. With these ideas, you can achieve better results for your remodeling business. 

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