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Create a System for Putting out Social Posts Regularly

If you want people to trust your company – you need to get them the right information. That means having 5-stars all over Google and Facebook, having testimonials, being part of organizations,…

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Construction Company Social Media Marketing
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Quick Concepts

Social media has a lot of eyeballs lately, and it’s only growing.

To nurture your ideal prospects – it’s important to create a system for getting social media posts out regularly.

For construction companies, social media doesn’t immediately seem necessary – but the name of the game is being top of mind! If you can put your content (useful or entertaining in front of them, and get another ‘brand impression’ once or twice a day – why not? Especially when there are tools to make it easy to schedule out your posts. I might suggest with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with perhaps a bit more of an emphasis on Facebook and Instagram, as of writing this – May 3, 2018. This always is changing, but I’d say for the next couple years, that’ll likely be where I’d suggest putting your more intensive efforts.

You can then batch your content, on Saturday morning or whenever you feel like it – add some of your content, and in some cases just other industry stuff as well!

First item on the list – is just understanding your audience and what you want the ‘tone of voice’ to be in the posts. Friendly? Fun? Formal? Funny?

  • Figure out what ‘adjectives’ you’d like to describe your companies social media presence (down to earth, friendly, useful?)
  • Use a tool like Buffer weekly to both plot your blog posts and tips out – as well as curating the best in your industry (it doesn’t all have to be back to you!)
  • Ratio should be Give, Give, Give, PITCH your services. Always give a ton of value – Don’t be afraid to ask either (every 4th post).

Should you hire a company to do your social media?

Not necessarily – if you have a social media savvy team member who’s on job sites – you can delegate it to them, but the key is to do it. If you’re already doing it – the key is consistency. If you have consistency – it’s important to now focus on quality/style and entertainment value.

If you make a commitment to improving your consistency and quality – this is super important. It doesn’t hurt to be redundant here, first – at least make sure you’re doing it.

Full Transcription

Hey, how’s it going, it’s Tim Brown the construction company marketer, and I’m here to talk to you about creating systems for posting regularly on social media. I want to knight you in the Order of People Who Are Okay Posting on Social Regularly, and you don’t have to be perfect, it’s okay. I’m giving you permission to mess up and permission to get better by doing it regularly and interacting with people on your page, and your profile, and whatever else. I want you to understand you are creating more brand impressions every time somebody sees your company post on social. You are humanizing your people, especially if you’re telling your team’s stories and what they’re into, you’re talking about your clients, you’re giving before and after photos, and familiarizing your company with people, and you’re serving them. You can do educational, or you can do entertaining content, whatever it happens to be. Either way, you’re serving people, and you’re helping them with whatever questions and problems they have.

Here are the big three, this is how you create those systems:

1) Find your tone of voice – This could be a list of adjectives, such as formal, friendly, funny. You could say ‘casual.’ You can say whatever you want, but these adjectives should describe what your company’s tone of voice is on social. Then you have them for anybody on your team that’s posting. So, one day you’re not in a tuxedo, and the next day you’re in a clown suit. You want to have a little bit of a tone of voice that’s set up for your company, and everyone agrees to it.

2) Use a scheduling tool like Buffer – At it allows you to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn simultaneously. It allows you to schedule your posts out for the week or the month. It even gives you suggestions for the best times to post. It’s an awesome tool, and I suggest using it, and potentially using the Buffer Chrome extension. That’s a browser, Chrome; it has an extension that you can add to it that allows you to save articles off the web.

3) Post other people’s content as well – You also need to always bring it back to your services. A good rhythm for this is jab, jab, jab, right hook, which means give, give, give, ask. Give by posting other people’s content as well. Give by posting your own useful content. Give by posting photos and interesting things that will actually be entertaining to people. And lastly, you can ask for business so, do you need your home remodeled? Are you looking for somebody to rehab something this spring? Whatever it happens to be, ASK, actually ask for the business. So, give, give, give, ask. Jab, jab, jab, right hook.

People always ask, do I need to hire a company to do social media? Not necessarily all the time. I’m not saying that it’s not sometimes appropriate. In certain cases, you may just want to have an internal person, if you have a savvy person on staff that can be there to take those pictures quickly and post them. That is awesome too. It really depends on your situation; you don’t necessarily need to hire somebody. You do need to have a regular system in place and post regularly. If not, you’re probably leaving money on the table, because there are so many eyeballs on social right now that you’re wasting that attention by not giving them what they want, useful and entertaining content.

Thank you for joining me, talk to you next week on the next episode of “Construction Wise.”

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