Positive Thinking in Roofing Leadership: Why & How to Do It

This might feel like a ‘soft’ topic… You might think this doesn’t effect your bottom line. Personally, as a business owner I workout regularly, and meditate personally – which help me be…

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Positive Mindset in Roofing

This might feel like a ‘soft’ topic…

You might think this doesn’t effect your bottom line.

Personally, as a business owner I workout regularly, and meditate personally – which help me be mentally sharper / generally more optimistic – so I was curious and started looking for anything else people do to help them be more effective overall.

I understand your skepticism if you think positive mindset is BS – but check out the habits and skills Sal + others mention below!

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Quick Notes from The Podcast on Positive Mindset for Roofing:

When something real + negative happens in your personal life- how do you avoid that bleeding in?

  • Exercise w/ best friend at 630 
  • Work is work – separate them. Work is not my life.

SUCCESS confuses some people about over-identifying with their business / identity. 

How can you help others on your team have a positive mindset?

  • Stop jumping in to fix problems all the time, and let them learn on their own.
  • Not giving people answers
  • Letting people fail is important

How do you make sure people can bring mistakes to you?

  • Therapy 
  • Allowing people to fail
  • Pain has to occur

What is the real cost of a Negative mindset?

A professional race car driver was talking about how to handle a crash situation.

“You have to focus on the road ahead of you, and not look at the crash.”

For some reason – when you fixate on the crash, you may gravitate towards it. 

Our businesses can be the same way – we need to focus on WHAT WE DO WANT, rather than fixating on the things outside of our control that are going wrong. 

Crash – Dont look at it, positive mindset

“Early Wake-up and Meditation”

“5 am wake up everyday with at least a half hour of meditation and/or a workout. Cutting moments out for myself each morning has been a game changer to battle the anxiety that comes with the territory.”

Charlie Anderson

“Take care of your guys by being one of them”

“Don’t get mad and yell at my employees, EVER! I’ve had guys ruin tons of materials, throw a fit, and even go through ceilings. If I yell at them I feel it won’t help the situation. I try to be positive and know it could happen to me. I choose to take care of my guys through keeping them busy all year, giving bonus’, and being one of them. As far as business, I continue to keep the mindset that I’m in the business of helping people. When it comes down to all money, I have lost. ”

Chris Parmenter

“Coffee + Motivational Videos”

“I start my day with a coffee in the hot tub and listen to a good motivation video on YouTube. Usually Cardone or Gary Vee or Steve Harvey, Jim Rohn or TD Jake’s. Or Jocko. Listen to or read some scripture. That gets me going good.”

Andy Near

“Being Centered is Important”

“I think being able to maintain success in any form comes from balance with one’s self, you don’t have to be positive nor negative but centered and able to make the calls you need to make in order to get to where you and the people around you need to be. I would also argue that appreciation and humility are the mindsets you should have especially in this industry as they can help you stay on the homeowners side. Being centered is always the way to go for me at least”

Young buck, Austin StJohn

Is a Positive Mindset Important When Running a Roofing Company? Some People Think it’s Not!

“Learn to endure the suffering and enjoy the happiness when it comes”

“You can live through your seasons and still push on with true virtue. You can live through a season of grief and push on, a season of sickness, you can live through all sorts of bullshit and still make it. But you can’t do it if you’re bullshitting yourself into some false reality in order to gain some hollowed fantasy of success.

You will not feel positive the day you bury your family. You will not feel positive during an IRS audit. You will not feel positive during a slow year or when someone steels from you. The thing is, learning how to not let your emotions “rule” you.

Trying to trick yourself into a constant state of happiness and motivation is a fools errand and it will fail.

Learn to endure the suffering and enjoy the happiness when it comes and understand it’s temporary and it’s ok that it’s temporary. It isn’t a tragedy that you aren’t happy all the time.

This is why people fail at marriage and business. Because one day it doesn’t feel good. Most of the days aren’t going to feel good. They’re going to feel bad or dull. The happiness is least. The journey is the bigger picture and any direction you pick you’re getting the same set of misery and if anyone tells you different they’re probably lying to you.”

Matt Varnell

Others believe a Positive Mindset is essential when running a Roofing Company – Here’s why:

“Positive Thinking Turns Challenges Into Opportunities”

“Being able to turn challenges into opportunities that foster positive outcomes for your business will only help your business (any business)

I believe that viewing things through a positive lens has a strong correlation with the ability to do this and persevere.

I believe that owners set the tone for the culture within a business. You can view things through a positive lens, while addressing less than desirable circumstances within any business. Employees will see and feel that which is more likely to create an environment that people want to be a part of (In my opinion)

Culture is one thing that many people miss on.

Many companies offer great compensation but are consistently fighting churn amongst their workforce (Installers, sales, admin etc…)

If you create a strong culture and environment that people can identify with and buy into, you are less likely to have your team look elsewhere.”


Michael Stearns

We all want to be more *effective* – even if positivity isn’t always the vehicle

Here are 2 books people suggested – when it comes to being more effective. One about being more positive, and one about learning to endure the difficult aspects of life (stoicism.)

I’ve added my favorite book about positive mindset, and goal-setting after the other two suggestions. I believe AIMING (goal-setting), faith that you’ll achieve – helps motivate many people in their daily lives.

I’ll leave you with my honest belief on positive thinking – it OF COURSE has to be balanced with realism, and endurance through hardships. But without some positive thought underlying all future hopes and dreams – we’d all give up and die right now. Because we all have positive mindset at our core, in some way, shape or form.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😜😂

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