The Proven Paid Ads Playbook For Home Service Businesses

So you’ve tried Google ads for your home service business and… There wasn’t enough leads The cost per lead was too high The leads weren’t good Well – don’t dismay… and for…

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Proven Paid Ads Playbook

So you’ve tried Google ads for your home service business and…

  • There wasn’t enough leads
  • The cost per lead was too high
  • The leads weren’t good

Well – don’t dismay… and for sure don’t count out paid ads as a legitimate strategy for your business yet.

There are certain things we strongly suggest for every search advertising account, that you should look at – whether or not you choose Hook Agency to help. 

Proven Paid Ads Playbook for Home Services Businesses

1. Create a solid strategy + account structure – Make sure conversions are tracked

Let’s call this your team – not all-star football players, but instead solid campaigns and ad groups. 

Structure doesn’t seam important as a new person to Google ads, and thus it can be confusing.

  • You want to white board or draw out how you’re going to set up your campaigns before you jump in so that you have intelligible and ordered groups
  • This help you serve the right ads for the right topics. 
  • Google’s A.I. can help you get more leads, but only if you do your ads based on conversions and make sure your conversions are tracked.

Calls can be tracked, contact forms can be tracked. We like CallRail for calls, but however you do it – make sure they’re tracked!

Proven paid ads playbook- account structure

2. Build in testing from the start 

A great ‘coaching staff’ is adding more headlines and copy to allow Google to test which ads are working best. 

Yes – the copy you feed it has to be good!

  • Clear not clever
  • Utilize ‘hooks’ to grab people’s attention but don’t get too cute.
  • Here’s where you address their pain points, and you’re ‘differentiating features‘ / what makes you special.

If you build A/B testing (super easy in Google ads) from the start you can go much further, much faster. 

This includes ‘message match’ alignment – the landing page you’re sending people to HAS to be good, and the chemistry between the ad copy and the copy on the landing page has to be there, so the consistency is persuasive to your ideal customers. 

3. Review the tests and take money away from the bad things, put money towards the good things

Like a football coach has to be unromantic about which players to play, and rely on data – so do you.

  • Which are your best ads?
  • What principles are at play?
  • How can we double down on the headlines, keywords and copy that are working?

review and modify google tests

4. Make sure you’re feeding Google good conversion data, or keep tweaking until you do

😂 2nd to last football analogy: Start with great plays, then see where the team shines. 

This whole strategy comes down to letting Google help you and Google’s A.I. can’t help well you if your conversions aren’t tracking. 

Exception: don’t do ‘auto apply’ suggestions – they often waste money

Review conversion data

5. Double down on what’s working, and keep monitoring

4th Quarter. You’re starting to win. Don’t let up. 

Some people forget that Google ads (and other search platforms) require consistent monitoring. 

You want to double down on what’s working in all ways – once a week is a great rhythm to check on your campaigns, and once a month do some deeper dives and some tweaks. 

Home Services PPC - Google Ads Management Case Study


Proven Paid Ads Playbook

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