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Managing a Roofing Business: 5 Leaders Top Tips

The #1 Top tip to running your new roofing business – Buy a new truck. Jk. We’ve curated 5 roofing company owner takes on how to start and manage a roofing business…

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Managing a roofing business tips

The #1 Top tip to running your new roofing business –

Buy a new truck.


We’ve curated 5 roofing company owner takes on how to start and manage a roofing business if never have before. Hope these are useful tips. Enjoy!

“Lead by example and duplicate yourself”

“CRM, canvassers, SEO/fb marketing, branding, lead by example, duplicate yourself, be a winning machine, remember 1099 are teammates not employees, be a leader not a boss”

Raymond Wendell Little

Perimeter Roofing

“Run lean and tight and create Standard Operating Procedures”

“Stay lean, don’t act like you have money for at least the first 5 years if you’re new. If you’re not new, focus this year on how you can get rid of as much overhead as possible, minus the true operating cost of overhead. All the other stuff should be gone. Truck payments, lavish expenses, etc. Then follow that again for the next 5 years. Running lean and tight allows you to make moves others can’t, it relieves a lot of stress with continuing to operate in a tough economy when it comes, and it gives you a cushion that you can continue to operate even if a job goes south (in most cases) and still keep the doors open if you experience loss because you get screwed over, or one of your guys makes a bad judgement call that costs you. Then when you run lean make sure your SOP’s and operations are smooth as butter, then scale hard, all while staying lean.”

Dillon Iarussi

Blue Spruce Construction Group Inc.

“Do the work yourself and show them how it’s done”

“Don’t be a boss that leads by instructions but by action! I still go out and door knock, meet adjusters, project manage etc, My team knows I put in as much work as I expect from them”

Marshall Green

316 Exteriors

Rick Luppino, Suburban Roofing

“Good project management, and lead management. The key to success is leads and sales”

“Get good project management and lead management software. Build a good business infrastructure especially a key office person. Develop your sales and marketing system and production dept. The key to success is leads and sales. Have enough capital to invest going in. You might want to attend some seminars and learn the business. Hopefully you have experience in the industry, it’s very competitive and not for the faint at heart. Tons of money to be made if you do it right!!”

Rick Luppino

Suburban Roofing Florida

“Don’t try and grow fast – and hire expert help with money!”

“Don’t try to grow real fast. 2 sales guys all u need double check there numbers on big jobs. Oh yes pay your quarterly taxes !! $200,000k in your account is not your money.
  • And pay your suppliers every month.
  • Signed up with your shingle manufactures, turn in your receipts and get money back. Easy money.
  • Max out your s.e.p. iras
  • Invest in the market open a brokerage account you’re not an expert hire your broker like Charles Schwab they will guide you.
  • You are NOT professional investor
Buy rental and vacation properties. You will have a great life enjoy the ride!”

Northstar Roofing

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