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Getting More Referrals from Insurance Agents: 7 Roofing Leaders Weigh In

What are you waiting for…Go out and lock in those referral relationships before someone else does!

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We’ve curated (7) industry leaders opinions and experiences on how to increase referrals from insurance agents and companies moving forward for your roofing business. Let us know what you think, and we would love to hear your thoughts!

“Never bite the hand that feeds you”

“1. Inspect and document thoroughly and consistently and provide transparency to build trust using CompanyCam.
2. Consistently find and capitalize on referring your clients to THEM.
3. Build a network. 30 Agents can refer you more than 3.
4. Define quality for them in a way that distinguishes your product from what everyone else is selling. Without this, there’s no reason to refer you much less refer you exclusively.
5. Target Agents and brokers that work with good carriers. Most of the claims friction comes from legitimate estimates and crooked cheap carriers. It’s much easier to keep an agent relationship healthy when they work with a good carrier, plus you make higher profits with less stress.
6. Figure out what matters to the agent and sell to that instead of stabbing in the dark.
7. Have the spine to NOT file a claim when there isn’t a covered peril. This helps prevent zero payout claims that hurt the agent’s bonus and the PH’s standings.
8. Be convenient to work with and easy to get ahold of. Online calendars are my favorite way to accomplish this but it can be as simple as answering and returning calls.
9. Never bite the hand that feeds you. Agents make most of their money on renewals so having a referral partner that has their back and helps them keep clients means more money in their pocket each year.”

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Matthew Danskin

Restoration Referral System

“I literally got millions of dollars of business from them”

“I showed up for a year straight, let them know I was consistent. Let them write my policies. Still showed up, called every time I had a mutual client. Had the mutual client call and let them know how well we took care of them. Took them umbrellas on raining days. Took them coffee on cold days. I Literally got millions of dollars of business from them. We’re friends till this day.”

Kevin Barrelle

Barrelle Roofing

“Must watch video if you really ask that question”

“What this guy says. Out of all people I know, he gets insurance adjusters the most, and gets the most business from them. Must watch video if you really ask that question. HOW TO SELL $3 Million in Roofing jobs in Atlanta working 9 to 5 | Ali Lamei”

Dmitry Lipinskiy

Roofing Insights

“Give and Take”

“My answer: Simple help them get more clients

One thing that will always work when dealing with B2B referrals and networking is….

Helping others make more money 💰🤑

OP = Roofing Industry

As a roofer looking for referrals from Insurance Agents (to be their go to roofer)

And since we’re on FB it’s easy to hit the share button for your network.

Give and Take”

Tristen Miller

Keystone Consulting & Contracting

“Say ‘Hi’ and drop off Coffee or Lunch”

“We tell agents not everyone needs a new roof or should file a claim. We will inspect the roof for free and if needed we offer a $500 service agreement to their customers. They get up to a $250 repair plus we come out every year for 5 years to inspect the roof (gives us the opportunity to look for damage) we blow the roof off if needed reseal boots, basic roof tuneup. If at any point they need full replacement we give them the $500 as a credit toward that replacement. Customers call us if they even thing they have storm damage. Plus we visit the agents like clock work every month just it say “Hi” and drop off coffee or lunch.”

Eugene Enevoldson

Cypress Solar & Roofing

“Build relationships, don’t sell”

“Build relationships, don’t sell. Do the repairs, don’t gouge. Follow up regularly, not too much. Host catered continuing education training. Invite your them to your company events. Report back on referrals, with status updates. These are all normal fire/water restoration practices.”

Steve Larson

Ashton McGee Restoration Group LLC

“Stop Asking & Start Offering”

“Stop asking them for something and start offering them something. Instead of going in and dropping off your business cards and telling them to have their customers call you when they need you, offer to inspect all new clients who they are writing new policies for to make sure their roof isn’t already damaged. If it is, you will likely be able to get their current insurance company to buy the roof then look like a complete hero when they’re able to sign this new customer with a brand new roof. They will keep calling you …so I’ve heard.😜”

Randy Hurtado

Kingdom Builders Construction, a DT Company

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