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Capitalizing on Leads: Answer The Damn Phone!

Last week, Owner of Hook Agency Tim Brown asked some of the top roofers to share their insights on the importance of answering call ins. Hear from the below lineup of expert…

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Sell more roof from call-ins

Last week, Owner of Hook Agency Tim Brown asked some of the top roofers to share their insights on the importance of answering call ins. Hear from the below lineup of expert roofers as they give their take on how to maximize lead generation by simply picking up the call.

YouTube video

Randy Brothers – Elite Roofing
Ben Morrow – Roof Tiger
Randy Hurtado – DT Companies
Daniel Zavodney – ZGI Contracting
Dominick Fraser – Fraser Roofing
Charlie Anderson – Dreamworx Roofing
Mark Godaire – Monarch Roofing
Eric Reno – Paramount Building
Ty Cobb Backer – TC Backer Construction
Aaron Christy – Indy Roofing

It might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses miss out on golden opportunities simply because they don’t answer the phone! In this blog post, we’ll explore why answering the phone is so important and offer tips for doing it effectively.

The Importance of Answering the Phone 📞

Let’s start with the basics. Why is answering the phone such a big deal for your business? Well, here are some compelling reasons:

1. First Impressions Matter 🤝

When a potential customer or client calls your business, that initial interaction sets the tone for your relationship. If they get sent to voicemail or hear a busy signal, it doesn’t exactly scream “We value your business!” But answering the phone promptly? That’s the kind of first impression you want to make if you want to turn potential clients into existing customers.

2. Seize the Moment ⏰

Leads can be fleeting. If someone is calling your business, they likely have questions, needs, or problems that need solving right now. By answering calls promptly, you’re capitalizing on their current interest and increasing the likelihood of converting them into a paying customer.

In fact, in the video, top roofer Dominick Fraser from Fraser Roofing says that a whopping 78% of leads are lost from failing to pick up the phone in time.

3. Competitive Advantage 🥇

Believe it or not, many of your competitors might not be answering their phones constantly. By being the business that delivers good customer service, you gain a significant edge. Customers remember the businesses that are responsive and attentive.

4. Human Connection 👫

In our increasingly digital world, a real human voice can make a world of difference. It adds a personal touch to your business and reassures callers that there’s a human being on the other end ready to assist them.

Now that we’ve established the importance of answering the phone, let’s move on to some practical tips for doing it effectively.

5 Tips for Answering the Phone Effectively 📝

Below is a rundown of five easy & effective tips for handling phone calls like a pro.

1. Train Your Team 🚀

Your employees should know how to answer the phone professionally and courteously. Offer training on phone etiquette, active listening, and how to handle various types of calls, from inquiries to complaints.

2. Set a Standard for Response Time ⏱️

Establish a policy that dictates how quickly phone calls should be answered. Aim for no more than three rings or a maximum response time of 20 seconds. This ensures that callers don’t get frustrated and hang up.

3. Use Voicemail Wisely 📼

While answering the phone is crucial, voicemail still has its place. Set up a clear and concise voicemail message that includes your business name, hours of operation, and an assurance that their call will be returned promptly.

4. Invest in Call Handling Technology 📞

Consider using call forwarding, IVR systems, or virtual receptionist services to help manage incoming calls efficiently. These tools can route calls to the right department or person and improve overall customer experience. Hiring an answering service also helps pick up the slack when you’re not available.

5. Monitor and Improve 📊

Look at your call answering service to track your call answering metrics. How many calls were missed? How long did callers wait on hold? Analyzing this data can help you identify areas for improvement and refine your phone answering strategy.

Start Capitalizing on Call Ins Today

Look, it’s without question that the phone is your lifeline to customers and clients. By answering promptly and professionally, you’re not only making a great first impression but also increasing your chances of turning leads into loyal customers. Remember, it’s not just about picking up the phone; it’s about seizing opportunities and building meaningful connections. So, the next time the phone rings, don’t hesitate—ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE!

Understanding the importance of answering call ins and incorporating this simple practice into your business routine can yield crazy good results. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, the benefits of answering the phone are universal. So, start today, and watch your business thrive one answered call at a time.

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