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How To Use Video to Recruit Roofing Salespeople

Pictures and text may speak a thousand words, but videos shout thousands of images and can create strong emotions just by sharing what working with your company feels like.

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camera filming two sales reps creating a video to recruit more reps

Pictures and text may speak a thousand words, but videos shout thousands of images and can create strong emotions just by sharing what working with your company feels like. There are hundreds of roofing companies out there, you know. So what makes yours different, since we’re all selling the same products and are often using the same subcontractors?

More than anything else, we believe people want to work with you because of the all-round value they perceive your workers are getting through your company’s culture. And only a video can effortlessly reveal that.

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What are the Building Blocks of an Exciting Video?

Ever wondered why videos are more persuasive than images and text? I mean, it’s puzzling to put out videos showing only culture and work ethic without explicitly trying to recruit and expecting to hire new sales reps that way.

But fact is, everyone (including you) wants to be part of something bigger than what they’re currently doing. And trust me, people will FLY DOWN from wherever to join you and your company when they notice that your company is making waves! Here are some components of videos we’ve found to excite people and make them want to jump into your company.

Rep Testimonials

This works the same exciting way as customer feedback and testimonials. But it sure hits differently when it’s a member of your company giving a transparently honest review of how excellent working with you has been.

So you’re showcasing an interview with your rep in your video and you’re asking them questions such as:

  • What they like about the company’s culture,
  • Whether they’re happy with the money they’ve been making,
  • What they’ve been doing to hit their money goals,
  • Why your place is the best place to make money.

Because with sales reps, everyone is money-motivated. 💰 We also want to help people, right? But it really all comes back to making that dollar and being able to place bread on your table.

Interestingly, there are so many ways to make money nowadays. Everyone is a free agent, and no one has to work for you. Why work with you when they can choose to work for themselves from home or even start their own roofing company? You’d need to provide answers to these questions if you want to see great applicants coming around.

videographer filming a sales rep testimonial to use video to recruit

Culture Display

You want to show that you guys are having fun! Whether it’s going to TopGolf, community service, going to the beach, or just joking around in the office. Leave all the serious roofing talk for a moment and show off the fun! Crazy, but true. Our biggest example here is Cam’s experience with Able Roofing.

Another thing that makes videos exceptional is that more than showing your recruitment, they can help you give your audience a glimpse of your entire onboarding process and boost their confidence in your company. For example,

  • Do new sales reps just come in to be paired with a sales manager and hit the field immediately?
  • Is there a crash course?
  • Or is it like the onboarding of a standard company?— with an organized training platform that includes fast track to success videos, training videos on what roofing materials look like, what hail damage looks like, and so on.

Let them see these values and know why your company is worth their time.

sales rep door knocking

Using a Professional Videographer 

A videographer does a complete video compilation where you have the testimonials broken up into about six people talking at six different times. Let’s say you’re hosting this in a hotel or a conference room. The videographer takes B-roll footage showing them having that good time.

Or you can splice it up to short reels of just one rep talking about his experience. Of course, it might cost you a couple of thousands of dollars to get this footage, but you’ll have everything you need to recruit agents.

You might say, “Why can’t I just get someone to walk around and film using an iPhone?” That’s also okay if you’re on a low budget. But when you’re all set to attract serious applicants and employees with this, it pays better to step it up professionally because of how well it reflects on your company.

You’d want a 360⁰ video that touches all aspects—the initial recruiting process and the following training process. And the local guy with an iPhone probably won’t know the vision you’re trying to get at, unlike the professional videographer that has done this a couple of times and knows how to make the video hype.

Now, the main problem with videos is that you can make the most splendid of them but aren’t going to get any good responses if no one sees them. Or, better put, if the right people don’t see them.

professional videographer to film sales rep recruitment video

So How Do You Get Your Videos Before the Right Faces?

Doing this over the years, we’ve found three main ways to be effective at this:

Web Page

An excellent way to spread your videos is by using a web page on your website that’s linked to recruiting. Put the video on it and drive in traffic from Google, Facebook, or YouTube. This way your video goes in front of many people when they land on that web page.

man checking out recruiting video on web page


You can have people within your company do this, or anyone interested in sharing it with their friends and family. It doesn’t matter if it initially has thousands of views or not; you just need each person to share your video link. Most companies don’t need 50-80 reps; you could do a lot with only 10-15 people.

So let’s say Rick works for Able Roofing and makes $10K a month, and his friend Johnny sees that he’s been making cool cash. Johnny reaches out to him, or vice-versa. And Rick’s like, “Man, I’ve been raking in $8K monthly!” Next, Johnny thinks, “If Rick can make that amount monthly, why can’t I? And in no time, he finds his way in. 

I’d tell you for free, that’s how a lot of guys got into the industry. Most sales reps you talk to in the roofing industry probably came from someone else telling them—little difference from networking marketing.


Imagine you taking the network marketing background and bringing it into roofing. It could make all the difference in recruiting reps. When a new rep comes on, you can have them take the following steps:

  1. Make a list of the top 25-100 people (including friends and family) they know are interested in making money.
  2. Like network marketing, invite them to a presentation where they get to know what your company is selling better and who you’re helping.
  3. Attach an opportunity to make them some money. And they sign up. Easy and simple!

With this, I can promise you’d get solid reps. Unlike going the Indeed route where they’re coming for an interview. You don’t need an interview here because it’s basically “Sell something, you make something.” You’re not paying them like in jobs, so there shouldn’t be an interview.

male presenter recruiting sales reps

Since they’re ready to work, we’re out on the fields on day one, in no time! You’d find that’s the best way to do it. With these, you’d see a massive difference in your recruitment results. It’s a straightforward process that’s predictable to bring success in getting people on board.

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