How to Recruit Roofing Sales Reps: Find Rockstars

  Finding the right sales reps for your roofing business is about diving deep into the fabric of motivation, culture, and personal growth. It’s not just about handing out leads; it’s about…

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Recruiting Machine with Monarch Roofing

Finding the right sales reps for your roofing business is about diving deep into the fabric of motivation, culture, and personal growth.

It’s not just about handing out leads; it’s about building a supportive environment that cultivates not just great salespeople but remarkable individuals.

From the insightful perspectives of industry leaders like Crystal Watterson, Brandon Jordan, and Jessica Stahl, we uncover a goldmine of strategies that transcend traditional recruitment tactics.

  • They share a common belief in the transformative power of investing in people with no prior experience but a burning desire to succeed, and the importance of showing genuine care to potential candidates.
  • This article delves into their unique approaches to fostering a winning culture that attracts, educates, and retains the best talent in the roofing industry.

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Here are the key points and notable quotes from Martin Pettigrew of Monarch Roofing‘s appearance on the “Hook Better Leads” podcast with Tim Brown:

  • Team Effort in Recruitment: Pettigrew emphasizes that the success of their recruiting machine at Monarch Roofing is not a solo effort but the result of a collaborative team. He credits his team for their role in attracting a higher caliber of individuals to the company.

  • Continuous Recruitment: He stresses the importance of always being on the lookout for high performers, regardless of the setting. “You’re always thinking about this… wherever it is because there’s always somebody somewhere that you could be in touch with.”

  • Importance of Leadership: Leadership qualities are prioritized over experience in their recruitment process. Pettigrew looks for leadership traits and the ability to embody the company’s core values, summarized by the acronym CROWN: Consistency, Real, Own it, Winners win, and No excuse.

  • Recruitment Process Innovations: To improve efficiency, they transitioned to short initial Zoom interviews to filter candidates quickly, recognizing that a significant percentage of first interviews result in no-shows. This approach, coupled with DISC assessments and practical tests relevant to the job role, helps them identify suitable candidates more effectively.

  • Learning from Every Role: Pettigrew shares his journey from starting in the trenches to leading the company, highlighting the value of understanding and experiencing various roles within the organization.

  • Culture of Accountability and No Excuses: The company culture discourages excuses and promotes accountability, with Pettigrew looking for individuals who exhibit resilience and a solution-focused mindset.

  • Passion for Improvement: Pettigrew’s personal drive stems from a desire to continuously improve and outperform competitors, not for monetary gain but for excellence in service and quality.

  • Engagement and Realness in Interviews: He values authenticity and a genuine desire to work in potential candidates, noting that sometimes the least impressive interviews can lead to discovering great employees who possess an innate drive and adaptability.

Crystal Watterson of Greater American Roofing says “It’s about so much more than providing leads to your reps, that’s the same old mantra that everyone says.

You have to provide a company that is supportive, that educates, encourages and provides value to their lives more than just monetarily.

Our best reps are ones that came with zero experience, but the drive to take an opportunity and maximize their lives. We spend many nights at 8 or 9pm on the phone with our team members educating and talking through how to overcome an obstacle that makes them a better human, a better salesperson, and more equipped the next day. Provide a winning culture for them to join, and they will not only join but will stay!

Look for people that have no experience and invest the time into building them into winners.”

Brandon Jordan of Genesis Roofing & Restoration says “No one cares until you show them you care…

Go up and find someone you want at any business, any occupation(food industry is clutch) and ask them if ____ $ would change their life, then ask what would your life look like if you made that amount.

Follow it up with are you scared of heights and show that person a company they won’t forget and a commission plan to get there. Remember documentation beats conversation> you do X you get your life changed. It’s all about changing their life and people will do whatever it takes to succeed. Scare them out of it, make sure they are the right person with the real desire to change.

If the desire to change is there give them a hand. Tell them it will be hard and anything worth anything is never easily accomplished. Track their goals and hold them accountable and then you have someone that will never leave your side unless you leave theirs.”

Jessica Stahl of Ignite Results says “Indeed and Craigslist are your best job boards. You need a great ad to run and you need to sponsor the ad to get traction.

Meeting people organically is the best way to recruit as a small company. I developed a program to teach you how to do both. I’m happy to help.”

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Now, it’s time to put this goldmine of knowledge into action and revolutionize your approach to finding and nurturing roofing sales talent. Here’s your epic challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Today’s Mission: Cultivate Your Dream Team

  • Spot the Diamond in the Rough: Look beyond experience; find that person with a sparkle in their eye, the one who’s hungry for growth but just needs an opportunity. Remember, your best sales rep might be hidden in plain sight, waiting for a chance to shine.
  • Craft the Ultimate Job Ad: Use Indeed or Craigslist to your advantage. But don’t just post a job; post a dream. Make your ad so compelling that potential candidates can’t help but imagine a future with your company.
  • Show Genuine Care: Pick someone today, maybe from a local café or store, and show them you care. Ask about their dreams, fears (like heights!), and what would truly change their life. Then, introduce them to the world of roofing sales with a promise of growth, not just financially but personally.

Your Toolkit for Success:

  • A Supportive Environment: Remember, you’re not just offering a job; you’re inviting them to a life-changing journey.
  • An Educational Mindset: Be ready to spend those late nights, just like Crystal, guiding your new recruits through challenges and turning them into winners.
  • A Clear Path to Success: Like Brandon suggests, have a clear commission plan and a culture that screams, “We care!”

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The Ultimate Challenge:

Recruit One New Sales Rep This Week.

Yes, you heard it right. Take all the insights you’ve gathered and put them to the test. Find that one person who’s ready to take the leap with you.

Ready, Set, Go!

  • Today’s Action Steps:
    1. Draft your dream job ad and get it out there.
    2. Identify at least three potential recruits and have genuine conversations with them.
    3. Outline a clear onboarding and education plan to turn these recruits into roofing sales champions.

Here’s a fun twist:

Throw in a bit of fun! Create a quirky, memorable challenge for your potential recruits during the interview process. Maybe a mock sales pitch on why they would sell a roof to an astronaut or how they’d handle a “roofing crisis” on Mars. Get creative, get them thinking outside the box, and watch the magic happen.

Apart from potentially finding your next top sales rep, you’ll be fostering a culture of growth, support, and innovation within your company. And who knows, this challenge might just be the start of a roofing revolution led by your team.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, take the challenge head-on, and let’s transform the roofing industry one sales rep at a time!

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