How to Market a Roofing Company in 2024: Winning Mix

What if your one marketing strategy doesn’t work out? We’ve found that in the first few years after launch out, new roofing business owners often make the mistake of focusing all their…

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How to Market a Roofing Company, Ethan Andes or Andes Roofing at a White Board sharing his marketing secrets

What if your one marketing strategy doesn’t work out? We’ve found that in the first few years after launch out, new roofing business owners often make the mistake of focusing all their effort and resources on one form of marketing; but this simply amounts to putting all your eggs in one basket. 

As a roofer, you should be focused on identifying the forms of marketing that currently fits your business and how you can use those elements to scale your business.If you’re curious about the forms of marketing that should make up your unique roofing marketing mix, read on!

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Use Social Media Platforms to Your Advantage

Late American Executive Jack Welch once said – Marketing is not anyone’s job… it’s everyone’s job!He was 100% on point! 

When using social media platforms in marketing, always carry all your employees along. Since almost everyone has at least one social media account, never leave your marketing activities to your marketing department alone.

There are several social media platforms at your disposal when dealing with the different forms of marketing. The top social media platforms include:

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Tiktok 
  • Pinterest 
  • Reddit 
  • YouTube, etc.

However, the fact that there are countless social media platforms doesn’t mean you should just invest in any one that seems appealing.

You’d want to establish a value-based order with which you will invest your time and money into these social media platforms. Also calculate the amount of resources that you’ll love to invest in each platform. 

For instance, you can make a ton of pictures and videos on Instagram and only convert about 10 leads in 300 hours. This is a relatively low ROI; despite that, you still need to invest time into developing a presence on Instagram so that people can research you. 

Remember that people will only research you after you’ve captured their attention through other means like Facebook or your branding.

Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook is really great for building a social following. This means that it’ll be a marketing-savvy move to allocate more resources to Facebook than Instagram, especially since you can post things on Facebook and push the content to Instagram.

How to Market a Roofing Company, Ethan Andes or Andes Roofing at a White Board sharing his marketing secrets

Stay on Top of Google-Related Forms of Marketing

One good way to think of Google is as your wife! Funny, but true. Suppose you don’t constantly update your Google business profile, get Google reviews, post pictures, and the likes, your “Google wife” will complain about your not caring about her, and she’ll find another roofing contractor that’ll continuously show her that affection, give her updates, and use great reviews.

For any roofer, your Google business profile should be the number one ingredient in your roofing marketing mix, and you need to start creating content for it. The things you need to watch out for and develop include:

  • Your Google business profile
  • Your service Pages
  • Your business description, etc.

Ensuring your description is keyword focused and perfecting your Google business profile is critical. You need to figure out all these Google-related forms of marketing because Google dominates about 93.12% of Search engines worldwide, and then other platforms fall into that 6.88%.

For every content you post on your Facebook or Google business profile, you can make the descriptions or titles keyword-focused and then put them on YouTube. 

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Google is vast and possesses many features tailored to help you maximize your ROI and improve your roofing marketing mix. Some of these features include:

1. Google Local Services 

To some extent, the best term to describe how you can use Google Local Services is “Set and Forget“. You can just set up your profile, secure your Google guaranteed badge and then set your focus in order aspects of your marketing. 

Occasionally, you still have to manage your profile, change your pictures, and monitor your budget, since you only pay for each lead you get. Google Local Services requires very little time investment, but you are sure to get a ridiculous amount of leads if you do it right.

You must learn everything Google-related before focusing on minor things like mailers and Billboards. If you don’t have good Google reviews, don’t get things like billboards. 

If you’re a 2.5 Google-rated contractor and get a billboard hoping it’ll work out, people who see your billboard and Google you will get discouraged by your reviews.

2. Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is one advantage you can and should maximize. Unlike Google Local Services, you must monitor PPC closely because if you don’t, you’re burning potential $100 leads. To stay on top of PPC, ensure to:

  • Conduct biweekly reports
  • Research and replacement of keywords 
  • Align your keywords with the content you’re pushing out
  • Create good landing pages

PPC consumes more time than most people think. Some think of it as Set and Forget, but it’s not, because occasionally the market shifts. 

As a side note, note that unless you have demand, your time is worth little. Hence, your demand and brand image are the dictators of the worth of your time. To make your time valuable, create that demand first!

Manage Your Brand Image Carefully!

As a roofing business owner, you control what the public sees, thinks and acts about your company. When developing your brand, always ask yourself –What’s the first impression people get when my company’s name is mentioned?

If the public’s perception of your company is not to your liking, it’s probably because you didn’t leave a solid and positive impression. To prevent or remedy this situation, you can:

  • Design your brand logo to exude positivity and competence
  • Acquire at least one wrapped vehicle (branded) within the first few weeks of starting your roofing company 
  • Mount yard signs 
  • Run TV ads
  • Mount Billboards with simple and catchy content
  • Run Radio ads

When promoting your brand, remember that the goal is to consistently engrave a positive impression in people’s minds so that your company pops up in their minds the moment they need the services you offer. 

You can also push your brand out there by sponsoring school teams and engaging in other community services; that’s like “Quiet Branding“. You’re not doing it right if your branding doesn’t speak to people in your absence.

For stuff like your billboard, you need to design them in a way that they’ll connect with your audience. Your billboard content has to be simple, catchy and memorable. 

When people drive past your billboard, at the very least, they have to understand what your company is all about in three seconds.

Engage in Door-Knocking

Unless you came into the roofing industry with a plan B, you don’t need to be scared of door-knocking. Everyone knows that, to some extent, the public has this biased mindset about roofers who door-knock. However, it would be best if you didn’t let that mindset stop you.

If used with other forms of marketing, door-knocking allows you to cover a more extensive range of individuals, including the small demographic of people that don’t have a social media presence. 

Door-knocking is one important ingredient in your roofing marketing mix, it literally puts you in front of potential leads. That way, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness and competence through interactions between you and homeowners.

Why The Marketing Mix?

There’s a whole other world of folks out there that aren’t Google-based. That’s why you must ensure you touch every aspect of your marketing.

Looking closely, you will find that most new roofers focus more on social media platforms. Sure, you can build a $1-5 Million company on social media alone. However, to scale to the next level, you need to know how to use your Socials, Google and On-site Branding simultaneously.

Take PPC, for instance. If you rely solely on PPC, that’s similar to pouring gas on fire. Without branding, your closing percentage with PPC will be meager because PPC is intent-based. 

But when you use your branding in conjunction with your PPC, you’re going to convert about 40-50% of the people that click your ads. That’s because at that moment, you were probably in their local area, or they needed your services, and most importantly, they knew who you were!

Knowing where to utilize each form of marketing and knowing how well to use them is crucial in deriving the perfect roofing marketing mix. If everyone boosts Facebook posts, use Facebook ads instead. If you wanna do PPC, don’t try to do it yourself; instead, hire a specialist and hold them accountable. 


Running a roofing business is not about monitoring your numbers alone. For starters, you need to focus on going bag at all forms of marketing until you get a solid footing. Excluding Instagram (because Instagram is not a converter), you can become an expert on a few of these forms of marketing.

If you wanna scale your business, you have to learn the forms of marketing, understand how much time you should invest in them vs your potential ROI, and you have to be ruthlessly intentional about the whole process.

Instead of focusing on one form of marketing, why not first aim for the forms of marketing that give the cheapest leads with the highest conversion rate, then dabble into other aspects of your marketing. That way, you’ll spend way less over time than you would if all your eggs were in one basket.

Hook Agency specializes in helping you mixing several marketing techniques, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more!


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