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Why is Hook Agency More Expensive Than Some Competitors?

We understand paying for marketing services can feel like you’re going out on a limb, and paying an arm and a leg. There are definitely cheaper options that us. We current offer…

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We understand paying for marketing services can feel like you’re going out on a limb, and paying an arm and a leg.

There are definitely cheaper options that us.

We current offer SEO for 4k, Paid Google ad management starts at 2k and goes up after 5 and 10k ad spend, and websites are 1,665 a month.

We try to make pricing super simple because we know not everyone can or should afford us at the beginning, and we believe in transparency in all things. We’re not actually more expensive than our competitors if you look at what we’re giving for the money. 

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But isn’t that how it always is? Think about a roofer who works with the lowest quality materials, doesn’t replace rotted decking, and cuts corners every chance he gets.

That’s what we’re up against with these cheap copy + paste marketing companies that offer all-in-one packages for a couple thousand dollars. They barely do anything, and are likely more profitable than us, because unfortunately many contractors don’t know before it’s too late. But they just churn and burn clients, and we get judged for it, because we’re a ‘marketing agency.’

Well – we decided to take a different route.

We want to be the high-end, but value-priced marketing agency that has the respect of the home services industry. We work with many other businesses like you, so we don’t have to learn basic things on your account. We go custom we they copy and paste, and aggressive and consistent when they ‘set it and forget it.’

Stop Procrastinating and Use Hook Already

Some may say ‘that’s too expensive’ and then pay 3 other low-end agencies in 3 years, because according to another recent review from Richard Rossow of Clean Cut Roofing, they don’t want to “stop procrastinating and USE HOOK ALREADY.”

We’re not expensive. We’re just focused on giving value, more than being the lowest price, or trying to serve everyone. Yes – that means we don’t always work with new roofing companies, and we encourage our clients to make financially responsible decisions… we just believe that for roofers in that 3M to 15M range, Hook will be one of the most financially responsible decisions you’ll ever make for your marketing because we MAKE YOU REAL MONEY. But enough talk – let us show you!

Pricing Puzzles: Unmasking the Mystery

Is $4k for SEO, $2k for Google ad management, and $1,665 a month for a shiny new website making you dizzy? Let’s sit down, grab a coffee, and make sense of these numbers, shall we? No, we’re not offering a course in advanced mathematics. Instead, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal why quality marketing comes with a certain price tag.

Our price structure isn’t a secret vault, it’s an open book – all in the name of transparency:

  • When we talk about SEO, we’re talking weeks of keyword research, crafting quality content, and weaving complex webs of backlinks.
  • Google ad management? That’s constant monitoring, tweaking, and strategizing to make sure your money’s hitting the mark.
  • And a new website? That’s not just pretty pictures, it’s user-friendly design, snappy loading times, and a smooth customer journey. 

Each dollar you spend with us is a step towards a stronger, more successful business.

The High Price of Cheap Thrills

We get it. Those bargain-basement marketing packages can look mighty tempting. But remember, you get what you pay for. And what you often get with cheap marketing is the marketing equivalent of a leaky roof – not a pretty picture.

It’s the same in our world as it is in the roofing business. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship can make all the difference. In marketing, the corners cut by low-cost agencies lead to poor results and even poorer returns on your investment. Want to end up with a metaphorical leaking roof in the form of lackluster leads and dwindling ROI? Didn’t think so. Invest in a marketing partner that values quality over cutting corners.

Time to Get Hooked: The Only Marketing Agency You’ll Ever Need

What sets us apart? We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We’re here to build relationships, not burn bridges. We’re not one to toot our own horn (much), but when we say we offer a high-end, value-priced service, we mean it.

Our focus? Tailor-made strategies that fit your business like a glove. Our approach? More aggressive than a honey badger on a caffeine high. Our secret weapon? An unwavering dedication to bringing you the best possible results.

We’re not for everyone, we admit it.

But for the right clients – the ambitious, forward-thinking, roofers-of-tomorrow – we’re the best decision you’ll ever make.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all about one thing: 


But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself.

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