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Hiring a Construction Marketing Agency: How to Not Get Scammed

If you have a need for construction marketing, you want to make sure to find the right marketing agency for your company. Construction marketers play a vital role in helping clients reach…

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Hiring a Construction Marketing Agency – How Not to Get Scammed

If you have a need for construction marketing, you want to make sure to find the right marketing agency for your company. Construction marketers play a vital role in helping clients reach their target audience through various forms of advertising, whether they specialize in radio commercials, traditional print ads like billboards and newspaper inserts, or social media campaigns.

It’s important to know you are getting a good deal without being scammed in the process. This article lists some questions for you to think about that will help you save money and hire a construction marketing agency without getting scammed.

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What Is the Company’s Marketing Strategy?

This question is the first you should ask when hiring a construction marketing agency. This will help determine which construction marketer would be best suited to work with you on creating effective ways to reach out to your target audience. For example, some companies may specialize in different areas of marketing, including:

You don’t want to hire a construction marketing agency with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to construction marketing. Instead, you want them to have the ability to cater their strategy specifically for your needs, not just any client they happen to come across.

Doing so will help you find construction marketers who are willing and able to work with your company on an individualized level.

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

If you find a new construction marketing agency, you might want to think twice before working with them as they may have minimal experience in the construction marketing niche. Instead, it may be better to hire a construction marketer agency that has been around for a while and understands how construction markets operate.

Hiring a company with experience will help ensure that your investment isn’t wasted when trying to find an advertising agency that can do what they say on the tin.

Can They Show You an Example of a Successful Campaign?

Another critical question to ask a construction marketing agency is to show you a successful campaign that they have run in the past. When looking at successful campaigns, make sure they:

  • Are consistent with company branding
  • Have kept their target audience’s needs in mind
  • Track relevant marketing data
  • Have a clear goal

If you’re trying to decide between a construction marketing agency around for a while or one that can show you a successful campaign, always go with the one with the experience.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

You want to make sure that construction marketers you are considering hiring for your construction business aren’t just going to outsource the work. They may be a construction marketing agency, but they should also have on staff an in-house team who can help execute any campaign from start to finish. If they outsource it, they won’t be able to monitor its progress as closely or give feedback when things need changing.

Doing this will ensure that the construction marketer is invested enough in your company’s success because it’ll mean more money for them if their creativity produces results with less outside interference.

Of course, it might cost slightly more than other construction marketers with lower overhead costs. Still, this way, you know the person running your ads knows what they’re doing, which will increase the chances of producing a successful construction marketing campaign and ultimately help you grow your business.

Does the Company Understand Your Goals?

The construction marketer’s goal should be to help you reach your goals, not just make money. Hiring a construction marketing agency that can understand your company’s needs and then work with you will make for a more straightforward working relationship.

This also ensures that the construction marketers are invested in your success because they’ll have more of a vested interest if their creativity produces results. You’ll then have a higher chance at getting a successful construction campaign running without having too much outside interference from someone else trying to define how ads need to go instead of listening and seeing what has worked best for other companies before.

As such, you won’t waste time or money on something that doesn’t have any track record of being effective.

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