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5 Simple Marketing Tips to Level Up Your High-End Remodeling Business

When it comes to marketing your high-end remodeling business, you’re going to focus heavily on industry trends and focusing on customer needs. Not all marketing plans are going to work across all…

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When it comes to marketing your high-end remodeling business, you’re going to focus heavily on industry trends and focusing on customer needs. Not all marketing plans are going to work across all industries, so we are here to help. You can read over some digital marketing basics for small businesses here. We’ve also come up with some tips to help market your high-end remodeling business the right way.

Make a Pretty (but Functional) Website

Your business’s website should be the heart and soul of what you do. If you are a high-end remodeler, then your website should reflect that same high quality. Prospective customers should be able to visit your website and get a very good idea of the results they’ll get when they hire you. Your website should be very picture heavy—showcasing beautiful before and after galleries, materials you use, and timeline expectations.

Your website should be more than a place people can contact you and schedule an appointment. It needs to have charisma and truly reflect who you are as a company and the work you do. Working in the remodeling business means you should have a creative eye and be able to bring that vision to life both in your work with customers as well as your website. Clearly state the best things about your business right on the top. This could be FREE estimates, 3-D design renderings, or your fast turnaround time for projects. Stating these clearly, right on your home page, will immediately entice a prospective customer to want to hire you.

Construction2Style is an excellent example of a residential remodeling company that nailed their website design—pun intended. They’ve shared precisely who they are, right out the gate. They feature tips, tricks, galleries, and more. So not only do people visiting their website feel confident in what Construction2Style can do, but they also learn how to DIY some things around their own home. It’s an ideal website for a successful remodeling company.


Share Customer Testimonials & Reviews

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The real success of your business as a remodeler relies on the satisfaction of your clientele. As a remodeling contractor, gaining a good customer review is the number 1 goal. It also helps in getting repeat customers. The likelihood of a customer getting another project done by you is very high if they loved the first one. The same goes for new customers. If they see that the customers you’ve worked with previously rave about the work you do, that is incredibly good for business.

In a world that has shifted to online shopping and Googling everything, your online presence matters more than ever. People will read through Google reviews and testimonials because firsthand accounts of a business are more valuable than anything else. People want to hear from their peers, especially when it comes to home renovations and projects. Not only do they find inspiration from others, but they can rely on them to give honest reviews.

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If you ever get positive feedback from a customer, whether in person, via email, or social media, make sure to add that to your website. Using a photo of the customer (or stock photo if they are uncomfortable with that) can help give the testimonial a personal touch. You can quote them and put a face and name to the review—this gives them legitimacy and helps build trust!

Never be afraid to ask for reviews either. If you have a customer reiterate how happy they are with the work you’ve done, kindly ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving a good review on Google for you and if you can feature it on your website. Most customers will be more than happy to do so, plus it’s fun to get a feature on a company website.

Share Quality Content on Social Media

People love to see before and after projects on social media. Long ago are the days of reading through stacks and stacks of home improvement magazines to get inspiration for your next home renovation. People head to the internet first, and sites like Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for showcasing beautiful remodeling before and afters and reveals. If you are working on a beautiful remodel on a home, ask if the customer minds if you share the journey on your social media platforms.

People looking to renovate their own homes are going to be on the edge of their seats, waiting for updates on your remodel and eagerly awaiting the final results. This alone can gain you an excellent social media following and engagement. People may hire you simply based on a project you shared via your Instagram stories. This guide to social media for local businesses shares some incredibly useful tips.

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Utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can help build out your business organically online. It strengthens and broadens your online presence and allows your website to bump up higher in Google search results. SEO requires a good website, valuable keyword-driven content in the form of landing pages and blogs, and also a solid marketing strategy. SEO is ultimately essential for long-term longevity and because it allows you to attract your ideal customers to your website.

Good SEO can take a while to start working, but this is because as the content is written, it takes some time to gain traction online without the use of paid ads. But that organic traffic is key to the long-term success of your remodeling business.

Stay Up-to-date on Industry Trends

Trends move very quickly, especially in the remodeling and home improvement industry. What colors and designs are trending can depend on the year and season that your renovation is being done as well. Some timeless designs also gain a boost in popularity every so often like rustic, farmhouse, modern, etc.

It’s important to do plenty of market research to find out what people are looking for and get ahead of the curve. As a part of your SEO optimization, you can write blogs about color trends for paint, furniture trends for the coming year, fabric trends—you name it. People who are looking to remodel their homes are absolutely searching for ideas and trends, so they get the most up-to-date renovation possible. So if you can be the subject matter expert on these things and tell prospective customers that you can make their dreams come true, you are going to be a great shape.


If you’re interested in leveling up the SEO side of your business, then reach out to Hook Agency today! We’ve shown proven results for our clients in the construction and home renovation industry by using reliable SEO techniques and encouraging our clients to own their marketing.




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