Green Roofs: Statistics + How Big Is the Market?

Green roofs are all the rage right now in parts of Europe but have yet to be heavily explored in North America and other parts of the world. If you are a…

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green roofs

Green roofs are all the rage right now in parts of Europe but have yet to be heavily explored in North America and other parts of the world.

If you are a contractor, you might wonder how big the market is for green roofs in North America and whether they are a viable option for your business. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them yet but are looking for your next business venture.

Green roofs could be a fantastic option for any contracting business as they could quite literally be the future of roofing.

What Are Green Roofs?

Simply put, green roofs enable you to grow a garden on your roof. Of course, many more elements go into green roofs – such as infrastructure – but essentially, a garden sits on an artificial structure above ground.

Benefits of Green Roofs

There are so many benefits to green roofs, both publicly and privately. 

Starting with the public benefits, imagine how gorgeous your neighborhood would look with all the greenery provided by green roofs. It would be like living in a suburban forest.

Additionally, all that greenery and plant life help improve air quality. Plants are like air filters; they suck in all the air pollutants, filter them, and clean the air around us. Plants can also help to stop the spread of greenhouse gasses. 

green roofs statistics and market size

Not only are plants air filters, but they can also aid with the Urban Heat Island Effect. Having an abundance of plant life will help to reduce this effect by releasing moisture into the air and absorbing sunlight that would instead transfer into pavements, buildings, etc. 

This process is done by covering the hottest surfaces, like rooftops, with plants.

There are many other public benefits, such as local jobs created by installing green roofs and lovely amenity spaces for the public to enjoy.

Private citizens will also enjoy many benefits from having a green roof, the most significant advantage being energy efficiency. Having a green roof can regulate your home’s temperature, leading to less electricity use for heating or air conditioning. 

Having a green roof can also boost the value and selling price of your home. In addition, having a green roof is a beacon and incentive for potential buyers or renters that the house is environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages to a Green Roof

There are some disadvantages to green roofs that could explain why green roofs aren’t yet popular in North America.

First up, green roofs cost more than traditional roofing. This high price results from various infrastructure and elements that play a part in the cost difference.

Second, green roofs have an increased weight load compared to others. Some existing roofs can handle the increased weight, but some roofs may need additional support that could cost more.

Lastly, green roofs require more maintenance than other roofs. Seeing as how it’s a literal garden on your roof, the garden will need tending for it to function correctly.

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Statistics on Green Roofs

Here are a few statistics about the performance and impact of green roofs across the world. 

  • Green roof temperatures are 30-40° cooler than a traditional roof.
  • They can reduce the average temperature of a city by up to 5°.
  • Can reduce the energy use of a building by 0.7% (in Kansas)
  • Green roofs caught 78% of rainwater, preventing the water from overflowing into the sewer system.

How Big Is the Market for Green Roofs?

Although not extremely popular in North American, the market for green roofs is expected to flourish in the coming years. 

Currently valued at USD 1.4 billion, the green roof market size has a value of about USD 4.2 billion by 2027.

The market size growth is likely due to a few factors. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of green roofs and the risks of climate change, and governments are providing incentives to install green roofs to people and companies alike. 

Green roofs are a great idea, conceptually speaking. However, people want to see it in action. Video marketing could be a fantastic way to really show potential customers the finished product as well as explain the potential benefits, all in one short video.

Final Thoughts

Adding green roofs to your contracting business can be an excellent and alternative revenue source. Green roofs will only continue to increase in popularity and could very well become the leading roofing option of the future.

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