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How to Get Your First 100 Google Reviews in No Time

When it comes to promoting your business, tooting your own horns can only do so much. What others say about your service is what makes or breaks your business’s reputation before people.…

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When it comes to promoting your business, tooting your own horns can only do so much. What others say about your service is what makes or breaks your business’s reputation before people. In other words, your company thrives on reviews!

With so much noise in the roofing industry, how can homeowners know which businesses are authentic and which are mere noise? Reviews. And not just any reviews, Google-approved ones! ✅

How Do You Get 100 Google Reviews Within a Short Duration?

After accumulating over 100 Google reviews in just two years of focused work, Drew Paetow of Best Exteriors Inc. shared some insight into how you can also get your first 100 Google reviews. Read on to learn how!

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1. Set High Expectations and Beat Them

Set high expectations with a homeowner and do your part to beat those expectations. Then ask politely if they wouldn’t mind giving you a five-star review on the project’s completion. Tell them that a five-star review is the icing on the cake of each project you complete, and then wait to see the magic happen! 

Now, not everyone will respond positively to this request for different reasons. You might get excuses like, “It’s not just my thing,” or “Never done such before, so I don’t want to.” And that’s okay. 

But here’s one question you can always ask to motivate them —”How did you find us?” Most likely, the answers are, “I read your reviews” or “I heard about you from a friend.” Awesome! That’s a great place to start making your request; encourage them to share the love and pass it on by leaving their own review. 

Be careful, however. High expectations are a double-edged sword. They cut both ways, especially if you didn’t beat the high expectations you have set. Imagine asking for a review on a poorly done job. Yikes!

2. Make Bold Review Requests!

Ask them if they could pay it forward to the next buyer by leaving a five-star review for you. And don’t just ask for a “review” ask for a “five-star review!” If you continue that way, you’ll have amassed your first 100 Google reviews before you know it.

Don’t forget that some folks will still give a four-star even with all your efforts, but don’t settle for it if you’ve given your best to the project, beat expectations, and satisfied your client. If they need you to do something extra for a five-star, you can attend to them if you’re good with the deal. In whatever you do, never settle for less than you deserve!

3. Ask for Reviews as Payment for Small Projects

Simple projects like gutter repairs or shingle replacements don’t cost you much. Instead of charging heavily for those services, why not charge less and ask text a link to them to fill out a Google review for you? Although the reviews may not pay you much at that moment, they’ll help you in various meaningful ways later on. 

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With so many differing opinions in the roofing industry, everyone agrees that reviews matter. Especially Google reviews. So hurry up and get your first 100 Google reviews as quickly as possible!

4. Work With a Vision

Who says you can’t start small and make do with what you have for now? As you work towards getting your first 100 Google reviews, potential customers may notice that you’re making gradual progress. They’ll also be excited to work with you for that.

As a business owner, how do you choose what’s most important for your company NOW? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed and not feel pressured to achieve everything immediately? Ask yourself, “Can you achieve all your goals at once?” 

A good building, a great and functional team, or any other wishes you’ve been dreaming of are all possible. However, you should start with the vision in mind and reverse engineer to know what intentional steps you should take now to get there. 

Write the number of reviews you want per month and break it up by the weeks. This way, you’ll know how many reviews you need to gain in short periods of time instead of feeling overwhelmed by the large goal that you have.

5. Maximize Your Branding and Online Presence 

Your branding is also crucial to this process. Your logo, brand color, and other branding factors make your business look authentic and attractive. All these factors add up to satisfy your client or otherwise.

Your professionalism and how you put yourself out there couldn’t be more important! Branding and professionalism also help you get your preferred type of clients — either the low-paying or high-quality ones. “Everyone” is not your ideal customer target. You can’t provide satisfactory service to everyone in different locations and social classes at the same time.

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Choose the specific type of people and location you want to focus on. Your chosen audience will appreciate your service more when you’ve conducted appropriate research to know what suits them best. 

An online presence is also vital to speed up getting your first 100 Google reviews. If someone looks for a local roofer on Google but can’t find you due to a poorly designed website and poor SEO, you’ll be missing out big time!

A Few Tips for Newbie Business Owners 

If you’re starting as a company, it’s okay to have discouragement or disappointing experiences. However, you shouldn’t let these weigh you down or stop your progress. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you’re about a year in as a business owner:

1. It’s Okay to Say No

Pass on jobs. People will demand services that don’t match your skillset or business scope. Feel free to say no and maybe refer someone else!

It’s normal for people to call you for all kinds of stuff if your phone number is on the internet. Be prepared to refer those that call for services you don’t offer to your friends or partners that are into those services. 

If you’re the roofer, then you shouldn’t be found replacing window screens. Let the window experts do their job. Let them know you’re a specialist, but don’t send them away without help because people will remember your kindness!

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2. You Can’t Satisfy Everyone. 

Be the most spotless saint; people will still be upset with you or they won’t be 100% satisfied. You’re in the customer service business, so you want to do the best job for people; because today’s client can refer you to tomorrow’s. 

Nonetheless, there are folks you can’t satisfy no matter how much effort you put in. It works better to set expectations with the homeowner beforehand. “We’re going to do your job as best as possible. It may not be perfect in the end, but it’s our job to minimize all the risks and do the best job possible for you.”


Bagging your first 100 Google reviews can either be a daunting task or an exciting experience. It’s all based on playing by the rules; and by the proper rules!

You can expect a good response from your homeowner by consistently beating your clients’ expectations, working towards a vision, and positioning your brand rightly before your preferred market.

Excellent work will always be rewarded, and your first 100 Google reviews can be just one of your rewards!

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