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7 Key Reasons to Use Google Data Studio

If you want to grow your business in 2022, the best place to start is online. Every day, millions of people search for products and information on the internet. Your business coming…

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7 key reasons to use google data studio

If you want to grow your business in 2022, the best place to start is online. Every day, millions of people search for products and information on the internet. Your business coming up in their search queries could make a significant difference in your profits at the end of the quarter. 

One of the best ways to get your business recognized online is through Google Data Studio (GDS). Google is the most popular search engine globally, and with this tool, you can record valuable metrics that will help you market your business. 

Google Data Studio could be the next step for you to grow your business in 2022. In this article, we’ll give you seven reasons why that’s the case. 

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What Does Google Data Studio Do?

Google Data Studio will track the search engine metrics for your company and deliver your reports in an easy-to-digest format. They’ll send you detailed charts, graphs, and maps, so you can visualize your data. 

You can then connect this data to your marketing software or something from the Google Marketing Software Suite like Google Ads. They also make it easier for teams to share and collaborate by connecting the data through the Google Cloud.   

7 Key Reasons to Use Google Data Studio

Now that we’ve established some of the fundamental features of Google Data Studio let’s look at seven reasons why it can become an asset to your business. 

1. It’s Fully Customizable

While Google Data Studio’s reports are the same for everyone, their look is fully customizable. The report starts as a blank sheet of paper that you can customize to include the most important charts and graphs from your analytics.

Depending on what type of charts you prefer, GDS has several options so you can get the best visualization. You can send out pie charts, bar graphs, scatterplots, geomaps, and much more. 

The reports also have excellent aesthetic capabilities. You can change the formatting and color, so it better matches your company brand. 

2. Make Your Dimensions and Metrics Easier to Understand

Google reports can get cluttered quickly, especially if you have fragmenting factors like URL parameters and login tokens creating extra entries when you just want one clear stream of data. With Google Data Studio, you can recalculate these raptors, so they are easier to assess. 

3. It’s Completely Free

Other data metrics companies can charge you a fortune. Some companies have rates that climb up to more than $1000 per month. With Google Data Studio, you can get complete reports on your data for 100% free. 

Initially, they had paid subscriptions for people who wanted to create more than five reports. Now it is completely free regardless of the reports you need. 

4. Combine Your Data from Multiple Perspectives

With many analytics platforms, you need to bounce between multiple tabs to find all the data you need. Google Data Studio gives you the ability to have all your data in one place, regardless of its measuring or tracking. 

For example, if your company also has business or advertisements on Youtube, you can bring that data directly into your GDS report. Otherwise, you would need to go to a different site or Youtube itself to track your numbers. 

5. No Widgets Limit

The service people often compare Google Data Studio to is Google Analytics. However, Google Analytics has many shortcomings that GDS simply doesn’t. One of its clearest advantages is for widgets. 

A widget is another word for the interactive charts and graphs you display about your data. Google Analytics only allows you twelve of these at a time. With GDS, there is no limit to your widgets. 

6. Easily Collaborate

collaboration with google data studio

Similar to Google Docs, Google Data Studio is a fully collaborative cloud-based platform. That means you can easily share relevant data and information with all members of your marketing team. 

7. None of Google Analytics’ API Restrictions

Another advantage over Google Analytics, GDS has no API Restrictions. Google Analytics will limit you to ten metrics and seven dimensions for each request you make. With GDS, you can have full access to all these reports at once. 


Google Data Studio can be a huge marketing asset to your business. They continue to improve their service to better aid companies around the world. Join the wave and grow your business today!

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