16 Amazing Modern Script Fonts (For Insanely Powerful Designs)

In this post I do my best to share some of the most versatile fonts that I feel will make excellent design chum for the next year. Enjoy! When is it appropriate…

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Script fonts 2014

In this post I do my best to share some of the most versatile fonts that I feel will make excellent design chum for the next year. Enjoy!

When is it appropriate to use a script font?

First of all – definitely when you’re feeling fancy 😉 But also – seriously, script fonts are perfect when you want something more expressive, and with the right font – elegant.

Or it can just be fun – free, and flowing. Choose your fonts wisely – in design – fonts are some of the most critical tools. You get them right and your design has a 50% more likelihood of coming of well-designed.




Brand Inline Pro smacks of extremely well thought out design that updates it’s swashes as you type words. It’s almost a bit more intelligent than I’m currently sure of how they build in. I’m sure it just updates the letters if it’s not the first or last perhaps. Excellent font, and highly stylish.

Download Brand Inline Pro ($37)

Brand Shade Pro - Trendy Stylish Script Fonts 2015


Brand Shade Pro, really helps you understand why the font-family is called Brand. There are several other variations but these two stick out to me as front-runners. Brand is easily quickly a possibility for a real sexy wordmark, but of course these script fonts are so sticky sweet sometimes that they can grow to be overused and thus lose their awesomeness. As it stands.. this font is no “Lobster” (Lobster is the new Comic Sans,) it’s still a fresh new look for 2015.

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Download Brand Shade Pro ($37)

Charcuterie Cursive - Trendy Stylish Script Fonts 2015


Charcuterie Cursive has it’s place amongst the rest, but it’s by no means my favorite. It simply has a bit different look that could be of use for different projects. This was also featured on my favorite handwritten fonts post.

Download Charcuterie Cursive ($30)

Lakesight - Trendy Stylish Script Fonts 2015


Lakesight is probably the freshest of the fresh. To me what makes this a “best of the best Script Fonts 2015” font is that it doesn’t mirror any other fonts that I’ve seen, but has a particular uniqueness that pushes it to the next level. Particularly as you can see in this delightful usage where it’s used at an angle.


Download Lakesight (free for personal use)

Lust Script - Trendy Stylish Script Fonts 2015


Lust Script pushes out the wideness factor and really gives a lovely alternative to many of the Wisdom scripts and thirsty roughs of the world.

Use Lust Script (with typekit from Adobe)



Rolling Pen is so good. Many of the ways they show it being used, show it looking as though it’s one of those fluorescent lamps that you see on stores. It looks dope, but I see it in much broader uses as well. You can put a light 2 or 3-pixel outline around it and it transforms it into a bit bolder version of itself, or just use the original version. Rolling pen is likely one of the most versatile fonts in this article that I have used, and plan to use over and over again.

Download Rolling Pen ($39)

Thirthy – Script Font on BeFonts (Available for Free)

Thirthy Typeface - Lobster Alternatives


Pacifico – Lobsteresque font on FontSquirrel (Available for Free)

Pacifico - Lobster Font Alternative

Blenda – Inspired by Lobster (Available for Free)

Blenda Font - Alternative to Lobster


Hoodson Font on BeFonts (Free Download)

Hoodson Font - Script, Alternative to Lobster

Wisdom Script – (Free Font Download)

Wisdom Script - Free font download / Alternatives to Lobster

Athenia – Lobster Font Alternative ($16 on Creative Market)

Asthenia Script Fonts



Thirsty Script Font ($49 for full font family)

Thirsty Script font - Lobster Alternative Font


The Pipetton Script Font ($14 Download)

Pipetton - Script Font


The Austten Script Font ($20 Font Download)

Austten Font - Lobster Font Alternatives


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