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Finding the Best Areas to Door-Knock With HailTrace

So, some geniuses sat down and put minds together to develop a tool that spots recent storm-affected areas from your room’s comfort! Surprised? I guess not. You’ve probably already heard about the…

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So, some geniuses sat down and put minds together to develop a tool that spots recent storm-affected areas from your room’s comfort! Surprised? I guess not. You’ve probably already heard about the magic HailTrace’s been doing for roofers; maybe you’ve also taken your share out of the sweet tech-cake too. 🎂🎂

No doubt, any normal-thinking roofer that’s tasted HailTrace will be grateful to the stout-hearted masterminds who made a lot of sacrifices to develop this tool. Identifying the best areas to door-knock and those sites recently affected by severe weather can now be done speedily and efficiently.

If you’ve wondered how your competitors effortlessly fish out the best areas to door-knock before and after storms? Well, here’s their little secret. After reading this, you’ll be able to make more educated decisions for a more targeted and profitable marketing. Enjoy!💡.

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What Exactly is HailTrace?

HailTrace is a powerful, advanced, and innovative weather-tracking tool designed to generate real-time data and accurate analysis of severe weather occurrences across the United States

To enable roofers to identify the best areas to door-knock before and after a storm, HailTrace was designed to generate timely data that they can use to make informed and timely decisions.

HailTrace’s Features – What’s So Special?

As a roofing business owner, you’ve most probably thought of introducing your salespeople to new canvassing methods, so they’re not 100% dependent on you. You’ll find several super-features incorporated into HailTrace, allowing you the advantage of identifying the best areas to door-knock in no time, and independently!!! Check out a few below:

1. Hail Alerts

When closing deals before and after a severe weather occurrence, everyone wants to be first on site. This is where HailTrace’s hail alert comes in. With the aid of advanced radar technology capable of detecting developing hail storms, the hail alert warns users when a hailstorm approaches a preset location.

That’s not all. To ensure that you receive prompt information tailored to suit your needs, you can customize these alerts based on the intensity and size of the hailstorm. 

Asides from roofers, this feature is also helpful to business owners that need to protect their assets since it allows them to take all necessary actions before their predicted storm starts rampaging.

2. Interactive Hail Maps

It’s pretty cool how HailTrace can visually represent all hail activity across the US using its built-in interactive hail map 🌍. You can even zoom in on specific areas to see the intensity and size of the hailstorm in preset locations📍. Since HailTrace is backed by a team of fired-up crackerjack meteorologists, its hail maps are updated in real-time, equipping roofers with the most up-to-date information on hail activity in preset areas.

HailTrace’s hail maps depict the activity of hailstorms using a unique colour code to show the places affected the most, and those affected the least. As a result, most salespeople tend to rush into areas where the storm was concentrated.

If you’re skilled enough, think of the number of deals you’ll close if you work to the outer rims of the storm. Still, it’s essential you don’t stray too far from the places the storm hit. You wouldn’t want to spend a ton of time in areas where you know those adjusters aren’t saying yes.

3. Geo-Targeted Advertising

If you’re your company’s most decorated “Salessmith”, this feature will be a perfect fit for you. Asides from their hail alerts and hail maps, HailTrace also offers targeted advertising opportunities to roofing companies. 🎯Unlike all other features, This feature isn’t tailored to help roofers identify the best areas to door-knock. Instead, it focuses on your digital marketing by allowing you to launch campaigns.

By using zip codes alongside HailTrace’s targeting function, you’ll be able to reach clear-cut audiences in areas that are most likely to need your services! It’s pretty convenient, right?😌

  1. To pull off such a fantastic feat with zip codes, you can follow these steps:
  2. Sign up and log in to your HailTrace account.
  3. Search for a tab related explicitly to targeted advertising. The name might be something along the line of “Campaigns”, “Targeted Advertising”, or something similar.
  4. Select your advertising campaign if you have one, or create a new campaign using the tool instructions.
  5. Identify the options that specify your target audience, then select the option to target by zip code.
  6. Once you identified the area or box requesting a zip code, enter your desired zip codes in bulk or one at a time.
  7. You can even adjust the target radius to offer more coverage🎯.
  8. When setting up your campaigns, HailTrace might offer additional targeting options to narrow your audience using demographics, interests and other factors. Use these options to improve your advert’s precision.
  9. To set your advertising parameters, specify your ad format, duration, budget and any additional information that might be required.
  10. Before launching your campaign, carefully review each setting to ensure everything is accurate🔍.

After all, is said and done, regularly monitor your campaign’s performance by observing key metrics such as your conversion rate, impressions, clicks, etc. If there’s any need to optimize your results, you can easily adjust your target audience or campaign settings.

4. Accurate Storm Reports

Suppose you fancy yourself a storm chaser in the roofing industry; HailTrace’s storm reports should be one of the primary weapons in your roofing sales artillery. ⛈⛈⛈

If you weren’t aware, HailTrace’s storm reports offer a detailed analysis of the impact of hailstorms in preset areas. The reports include detailed information on the intensity and size of specific hailstorms and all damages that may have occurred

Asides from roofers, this feature is handy to businesses and insurance companies that need to assess the damages caused by hailstorms. Ultimately, HailTrace’s storm reports offer an overview of what to expect after a storm hits. It’s now up to roofers to use these reports to identify the best areas to door-knock.

Step Up to The Competition With HailTrace!

Canvassing for jobs is really important to roofing companies, whether or not that’s their primary way to get leads. Hence, the ability to outline the most promising areas and find those areas yourself is the “Hooking Move” to be more efficient when door-knocking.

Nonetheless, after canvassing with HailTrace, areas where your company has customers are still the best areas to door-knock. This is because you can start by rehashing old leads or using customer testimonials to prove your trustworthiness to new neighbours.

If you, however, decide to explore uncharted areas, the best course of action would be to have your most skilled salesperson set up a stronghold in neighbourhoods that pique your interest. At Hook Agency, we’ve incorporated all of HailTrace’s features into our digital marketing to boost our ROI over time. If you wish to follow in our footsteps, schedule a meeting with us today!


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