Digital Door Knocking: What is it? And How to Win

Door-to-door sales have been a hallmark of success for many businesses. But we’re living in a time when the world is evolving very fast. That means companies must adapt their sales strategies…

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Digital Door Knocking: What Is It?

Door-to-door sales have been a hallmark of success for many businesses. But we’re living in a time when the world is evolving very fast. That means companies must adapt their sales strategies to survive or thrive.

In today’s digital era, digital door-knocking is the new door-knocking. So if you have been dorr-knocking, it’s time you changed your traditional principles to align to the digital world. 

Read on to learn what digital door-knocking is and how to win.

What is Digital Door Knocking?

Digital door-knocking means sharing your business content or selling your business on social media platforms or through email and messaging. It creates an opportunity for potential customers to engage with you about your business, increasing conversion chances.

The true and tested principles of your industry, be it roofing, construction, or real estate prospecting, will never go away. If they’ve been working for five years or so, then they can work for life. All you need to do is change the way you’re doing it. That’s what digital door-knocking is all about digitizing door-to-door selling.

Digital door-knocking involves using tools like Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn messaging to spark direct conversations with prospective customers. 

With the Covid-19 situation making having face-to-face conversations even harder, digital door-knocking is godsent. It ensures you can still offer your customers help even when it’s challenging to reach them personally.

This online strategy helps you approach the market and capitalize on the available opportunities out there.

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Elements of Digital Door Knocking

Digital door-knocking is as easy as taking the core principles or basics of your form of prospecting and finding their digital form. These form the fundamental elements of digital door-knocking. They include:

  • Your profile (who you are): Your profile on your social media platforms tells people who you are. So, the first step is to ensure the platform tells people who visit it who you are. If you’re a roofing contractor or professional realtor, can people tell? Also, ensure to personalize it.
  • Posts/links (item of value): You must knock on the door with something of value that you’re offering. Traditionally, you would use a door hanger or flyer. In digital door-knocking, it’s a post, link, infographic, or even a picture that applies.
  • DM (your script): Everything goes down in the DM. It’s where you share your message. In traditional door-knocking, you have to memorize it. Online, you just need to copy and paste it from your mobile phone notepad.
  • Follow (collect info): After door-knocking, you need to track your success. It includes checking out the number of names and emails you’ve collected. In digital door-knocking, it means a lot for someone to add you as a friend or follow you. In fact, it’s pretty powerful because it means the person subscribes to what you do all the time. It allows you to build leverage and follow them even better. However, it takes effort to build a following
  • Build rapport online: Traditionally, you have to get one’s contact info to try and follow up. Online, it’s easier. Once someone follows you, start liking and commenting on their posts. You’re not just their seller but also their friend.

How to Win Using Digital Door Knocking

If there’s one thing most people go wrong, it’s posting on just about every platform available. What they don’t consider is their clients or customers. 

For example, if you’re a roofing contractor, where are your clients? Do you think someone with a family, responsibilities, and a job has time to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, all at once? No way.

Likely, most of your potential customers or clients are on one or at most two social media platforms. These are the ones you need to target to win. 

Look at these two examples:

Facebook (Friends List)

On Facebook, ensure you add your loyal customers or clients. You can start from there and from their friends’ list, add a few more every day. 

Often, highly qualified clients or customers tend to hang around other people of the same kind. So, chances are most of the people you add will be interested in your business.

Instagram (Hashtags)

On Instagram, most businesses use hashtags for branding. But just ensure to use hashtags that your target market uses and understands. In fact, the whole point of hashtags is to target local people because they’re the ones frequently using them.

How to Digitally Door Knock and Win (Practically)

  1. Define your business and the products or services you offer.
  2. Research all points of interest surrounding it and write them down.
  3. Have your item of value. For instance, if you’re a roofing contractor trying to promote your products and services, have your products and several completed and ongoing projects on your latest post, in a jpeg, link, or your flyer.
  4. Develop your message or script. Craft the message well and be ready with several answers if you get several yes and no responses. Document your content so that you don’t have to create a new one every time. It’s one of the best ways to brand yourself.
  5. Start door-knocking. Make friends on Instagram and Facebook. And if anyone looks like they’re in a position to buy your products or services, send them your script. If they accept or show interest, save them amongst your leads. They are potential customers who can buy in the future. So, build a rapport by visiting their posts regularly, liking, and commenting.

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Final Words

Changing your way of doing things can be nerve-racking. But digital door-knocking is a worthwhile endeavor. Just be consistent, build trust with your target market in creative ways, and stick with it even post-Covid. 

Of course, this is easier said than done. That’s why it’s best to employ the services of Google-specialized digital marketing team. And even if you can go back to traditional door-knocking to reduce digital expenses, don’t abandon digital door-knocking entirely.

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