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12 Ways to Use Social Media to Market a Construction Company

Just like most businesses, owners of construction companies are wanting to know more about how social media can be used to promote their company to push leads and increase their sales. Social…

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Social Media Construction Company

Just like most businesses, owners of construction companies are wanting to know more about how social media can be used to promote their company to push leads and increase their sales. Social media isn’t the best way to market all businesses, but it is always worth using. Millions of people in Australia have access to and use the internet on a daily basis, meaning at your fingertips, there is a massive client base available to you. So, here are 12 creative ways you can use social media to promote your construction company.

1. Live Instagram Stories or Facebook Campaigns

Live videos are a very compelling form of content that can be used on social media. The number of people who are now engaging in Facebook live streams has tripled since it was first recorded. Going live can be used to a company’s advantage. You can even run live Q&A sessions, which can help you get some useful feedback.

2. Partnering Up with Another Brand

If you get the chance to partner up with another company with a comparable target audience, then take it as this has been proven to increase social media exposure. However, make sure the company isn’t a direct competitor, just one that your customers will benefit from.

Social Media Construction Company

3. Stay Trendy

Making sure you keep up to date with the latest trends on social media will help increase the amount of attention your company gets. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make it very easy to see what is popular because on the sidebar there are lists of topics that are trending. Staying trending will help with attracting a more varied audience of both ages and cultures, as it helps with keeping everything united.

4. Popular Hashtags

Using hashtags that are popular such as #TBT (Throwback Thursday) is a fun way of using social media to engage with your clients while having the opportunity to show them some history. It’s a good way to keep them up to date with what’s going on and you may even make them smile. Using the hashtag means people on social media can find the photo, which widens your reach.

5. Sharing Tips

Using social media to help potential clients to understand some of the challenges they may face not only demonstrates what you know, but it also helps with building a stronger relationship with your customers. With construction, you don’t have to give tips about building things, but if you offer ways of decorating their new home or extension, or other things they can do to make their home more modern or eye-catching, it is a great way to keep people interested in your business.

6. Repurpose Content

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create good content. There are a variety of ways to repurpose content which will allow you to get as much as you can out of it. You don’t only have to repost links to your social media content. Instead, you can also transform it into a range of formats to help engage different viewers.   

7. Audience Polls

Polls are a great way to engage an audience and learn about what they want from your company. Creating a Twitter or Facebook poll is very simple and you can start engaging your customers in a matter of minutes. Polls are a brilliant way of finding out your customers’ preferences, which means you can change your company’s strategy to improve their experiences. If you’re targeting different cities across Australia, you can customize your digital marketing Brisbane campaign, for example, for that specific audience based on the feedback from your poll.

8. Creating Tutorials

Videos are great when it comes to breaking things up for your customers as it is easier to follow and can provide a visual method of guidance during the way. Creating ‘how-to’ videos can really catch your audience’s eye and is an engaging technique that can be posted across many social platforms.

9. Using Plenty of Emoji

Emoji can really engage audiences while having fun. The use of different emoji has been proven to increase the number of people who engage with a post on both Facebook and Twitter. Making sure the emoji you use are relevant and making sure you know the meaning of them is a must before using them. You can get creative with emoji, as well as using them to make your post more interesting.

10. Taking Advantage of Facebook Reactions

The reaction button on Facebook is fairly new and certainly fun. This feature can be used to help your audience respond to posts on Facebook instead of just putting a like. With Facebook reactions, you can choose either ‘haha’, ‘love’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ or ‘wow’. Although the use of these reactions is mainly used for family and friends posts, using it to engage your followers and gauge feelings or interests about particular topics is a very useful method of getting to know what your customers want or like.

11. Letting Your Audience See Behind the Scenes

Putting videos of things that happen behind the scenes at your construction company can help you build a better relationship with your audience. It helps to show them that there is a great group of dedicated people who work hard to give their customers quality service and products. This can help with both customer relationships as well as leads. It can also be used to keep people up to date or provide information that only your followers can see. Obviously, all the content that is shared will need to be appropriate and professional (to an extent).

12. Competitions or Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie, and a competition can be a brilliant method to help engage your audience while increasing your company’s growth and exposure. It has been reported that accounts on Instagram that run regular contests or have giveaways grow around 70% faster compared to the accounts that do not do this.

With so many creative ways to engage your audience and make your business better, creating a page for your company on social media is definitely worth doing. Not only can it help increase the number of customers you have and grow your business, but it is also fun and can help build an emotional relationship with your audiences as well as a professional one.

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