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Construction Sales Techniques- 9 Ways to Increase Deal Flow

The construction business can be a competitive and challenging industry, so it’s essential to hone your sales techniques to secure customers and thrive in this demanding field. Fortunately, there are a few…

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Construction Sales Techniques

The construction business can be a competitive and challenging industry, so it’s essential to hone your sales techniques to secure customers and thrive in this demanding field. Fortunately, there are a few key ways that you can set your company apart and increase deal flow, even during challenging or slow seasons. Plan strategically, and you should reap the rewards.

1. Know What Sets You Apart

The primary way to stand out from the pack is to understand what sets your company apart. Anyone can list off generic quality points, so talk about your specific strengths, and you should be able to get the attention of customers you want to attract.

If you specialize in renovations, commercial jobs, or general contracting, make sure those aspects are front-and-center on your website and in any advertising that you do. That way, you will be perfectly positioned to appeal to the customers who can benefit from your services the most.

Construction Sales Techniques

2. Get the Face to Face Appointment

One of the best ways to increase your deal flow is to get face to face appointments with potential customers. When you’re talking to someone face to face, you have a unique opportunity to read their expressions and body language, giving you a far better gauge for determining if they want to work with you.

3. Have a Portfolio of Work Ready

During your appointment or consultation, find out what your customers are looking for and assure them that you have the expertise to get the job done. A portfolio of work, complete with referrals and references, is an excellent way to build credibility.

4. Have a Great Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is essentially a breakdown of what you have to offer that you can deliver in a matter of minutes. These days, it’s difficult to keep anyone’s attention for an extended period, which is why a great elevator pitch is so valuable. If you can lay out why people should work with you within minutes, you will be light years ahead of other salespeople.

5. Maximize Your Time at Trade Shows

Make sure that you use trade shows to your advantage because they can be absolute gold mines. Use your elevator pitch at trade shows, where you will be interacting with plenty of prospective customers and partners. Trade shows are a great place to check out your competition as well, which can give you another advantage when it comes to sales.

6. Understand How to Follow Up Properly

Following up with customers can be a tricky business, as you certainly don’t want to annoy them, but those who can master the delicate dance can certainly close more deals. Often, people looking for construction firms have a lot on their plates, and they will appreciate your follow-through. It can even show them that you value communication and are willing to go the extra mile.

7. Quickly and Properly Qualify Your Leads

Not all leads are created equal. Ensure that you have a process to qualify your leads and interview them just as much as they are interviewing you. Find out what they’re looking for in a contractor. Talk to them about their budget and expectations. You might find that you two are an excellent fit for each other, or you might not. Either way, it’s good to know in advance.

8. Talk To Your Customer Base

Who are you selling to? If you specialize in commercial contracting jobs, don’t advertise to people who are looking for contractors to renovate their homes. Focus on the customers who you can serve best. Also, focus on who will be buying from you, and tailor your language to fit that specific demographic.

It’s also important to be constantly communicating with your current clients, especially during the project. Keeping your clients informed will ease their worries and add points to their overall experience with you. This can help bring in contract renewals and referrals.

9. Get Referrals

Construction is a largely word-of-mouth-based business, and referrals are a fantastic way for you to grow and get warm leads. Whenever you do an outstanding job for a client, make sure that you ask for a referral. You can even have a form mostly filled out for them if you wish. That way, they only have to enter in a few things. Most clients are happy to refer to good services, so don’t be shy!

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