Construction Leadership Advice: 7 Inspiring Keys to Remember

Striving to be a better leader is a great way to improve our sense of self and inspire our team to be more invested in projects and feel a sense of pride…

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Construction Leadership Advice

Striving to be a better leader is a great way to improve our sense of self and inspire our team to be more invested in projects and feel a sense of pride in their work. Construction jobs are primarily collaborative efforts, so teamwork is one of the biggest keys to success.

Inspire your team to work like a well-oiled machine by keeping these seven inspirational bits of leadership advice in mind.

1. See Your Team As Problem Solvers

Working as a team can be more effective in the long run than working as individuals. This philosophy is fundamental in a field like construction, where unexpected hiccups can arise.

Empower your team to think outside of the box and come up with solutions to small problems. This will help eliminate bottlenecks and keep the project on track. It also stops them from freezing up if something doesn’t go exactly to plan and gives them the flexibility to go with the flow and creatively complete their work.

The added responsibility you’re giving your team when you let them problem solve on their own is a great morale boost and can make them feel valued.

2. Every Day Is an Opportunity to Learn and Grow Together

Even if you are the boss, let your contractors know that you are all in it together. Let them know that their input on a project is valuable and encouraged, and listen to those with specialties different than your own, even if they’re underneath you.

For example, if you’re working on a big construction job and your plumber comes to you with a concern about the piping, take the time to listen and address their concerns. You could learn something, revise your construction plans before it’s too late, and help your plumber feel valued. There is literally no downside.

3. Every Employee Brings Something Special to the Table

Every contractor brings something unique to the table, and each one can make valuable contributions to solving problems and seeing the project through to completion.

To help jobs run smoothly, it might be helpful to incorporate personality assessments, like DiSC, into your work environment. DiSC results can give you a good insight into how each employee will interact with others and allow you to speak directly to their specific skill sets.

4. Work Together to Imagine the Future

Thinking ahead is an excellent way to positively reinforce your company’s goals, and it can be quite helpful in the long run.

If you are a young construction company, talk to your employees about landing that big contract, and ask them if they’d like to run departments of their own someday. Ensuring that everyone is invested in growing your company will increase their contract work quality and foster a more harmonious workplace.

5. Everyone Owns the Project’s Success

When you finish a job, big or small, make sure that everyone gets credit for the hard work that they’ve put in, including apprentices or those who work for you on a contract basis. Make sure that everyone is invited to any celebratory events or ribbon cuttings. This will establish you as an excellent contractor to work for and one who treats their people fairly.

6. Micromanagement Can Kill Morale and Bottleneck Projects

You might think of that construction job you landed as your baby, but if you try to micromanage it, especially with aspects of the project that you don’t understand, your contractors will resent you.

Remember, you are dealing with skilled craftspeople who know their work. Respect them and give them the autonomy to do what they do best. Trusting your employees to control and take ownership of certain aspects of your business makes smart sense.

7. Flexibility Will Win You Loyalty

Remember that your contractors are people, and cut them some slack if they need it. If they need to leave the job early once in a while to pick up their kids, let them. Contractors are in relatively high demand, and they will go elsewhere if they don’t feel respected. Part of getting buy-in is showing that you will not be a time tyrant.

Team cooperation and being on the same page are essential in the construction field. These simple leadership keys will help you to motivate your employees and make your company a more productive and pleasant place to work.

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