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Prompts & Tools: Chat-GPT for Productivity in Roofing & Beyond

Chat-GPT by itself isn’t necessarily going to be the job killer that many claim it will be.ย  And we’re still a long way away from a robot putting on roofs. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Last…

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Tesla-Roofbot, AI automation and the roofing industry

Chat-GPT by itself isn’t necessarily going to be the job killer that many claim it will be.ย 

And we’re still a long way away from a robot putting on roofs. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Last night it was New Years Eve and my dad told me a story about the textiles industry, and how folks during the industrial revolution thought it was going to kill the textile industry โ€“ but instead it grew 100X. – Textile School

  • Jobs change and transform when innovation comes along, and certain positions go away yes, but usually the worst mundane tasks are the ones that aren’t required anymore, which is good for humans.
  • Roofing company owners and sales people shouldn’t be SCARED of Chat-GPT and other automations, but they may want to consider how they can use it to supercharge their productivity as they find options to.
  • Yes โ€“ I did try to use Chat-GPT to help me write this article, but it may be too nuanced of a subject as of yet, so the output was pretty bad. That being said, I will use it a little to enhance my writing by asking it little questions as part of this (because what article about Chat-GPT would be complete without some examples?)ย 

1. Use Chat GPT to help with your e-mail responses

Wow! I just used this ChatGPT add-on for an e-mail response to my EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer and it was spot-on.ย 

I am super excited to keep trying this tool, and I think for many email responses, you might find it useful. It only does it if you ask it too, and I believe currently it’s only available on Chrome browser on desktop, but DANG, that’s fun and useful.ย 

Screenshot of a tutorial for using the ChatGPT email add-on, showing the user how to access the chatbot and input their questions. The tutorial demonstrates the ease of using the add-on to receive quick and accurate assistance within their email platform. Screenshot from a tutorial on using the ChatGPT email add-on, highlighting the various features and benefits of the tool. The tutorial shows the user how to take advantage of the chatbot's real-time assistance and personalized recommendations to streamline their workflow and improve productivity.


Screenshot of the ChatGPT email add-on featuring a conversation between a user and the chatbot, with the chatbot providing real-time assistance and recommendations. The add-on integrates seamlessly with email platforms and helps to improve productivity by automating routine tasks and enhancing communication.


2. Let Chat-GPT Help you write a social post or get ideas

I’ll be real – I probably wouldn’t really burn one of my 3 social posts for the day on this.. but then again, I have high standards. If you need help posting – this might be super useful:

Using Chat-GPT to write social media posts

Maybe – if like me, you don’t want to post this type of content on social..

Idea generation and inspiration might be one of the best uses of Chat GPT in its current form.

idea generation with chatgpt

3. Chat-GPT Could help with simple employee training tutorials or project estimates

  • “Write me a brief tutorial about how to enter project details in Acculynx”

  • Do a roofing estimate for me – 20 squares, $700 per square and an average cost for replacing a small amount of decking

Using chatgpt for estimates in roofing

Clearly this is just a start – and theres a ton of context you may need to feed into the tool, or workflows to make it more accurate and accessible โ€“ but definitely there may be a function here.

4. Have it write a blog post for you (Then add images, videos, headlines, additional text + input meta title + description)

Important note: We have no idea how Google will respond to Chat-GPT so far, and there is potential it will devalue blog content if it recognizes patterns it can see as AI.ย 

1. Use this prompt:

Write a unique blog post with a humorous tone about โ€œ[INSERT THE TOPIC WITH A KEYWORD YOU WANT TO RANK FOR IN IT]โ€ and end with a call to action to work with a reputable roofing contractor like us (and to give us a call now) – after you do that, make it 3 times as long with more tips and optimize it for the keyword โ€œ[INSERT THE KEYWORD]โ€

2. Afterwards โ€“ clean it up, give it a bit more personality if you want and add images, videos, emojis and sub headlines.ย 

3. Write the meta title and description so that it’s more likely to rank.ย 

4. Ask it to write another blog post on sub-topics or additional things related to that topic and add them to the post. Ideally blog posts are longer than Chat-GPT currently spits out so if you have it right more, it might help it rank.ย 

5. Have Chat-GPT Pitch The Media for you – by using this prompt on ‘Help a Reporter Out’ to get backlinks

1. Sign up for HARO – Help a Reporter Out, and save your profile (paid version allows you to pitch quickly from their interface with a saved profile.)

2. Put this into Chat GPT – replacing the all caps part with the query from the reporter

Write a short, response to a reporter looking for an original, interesting take on “[INSERT THE QUERY OF THE REPORTER HERE}” with real quick tips anyone could use. Keep it pretty short and make it somewhat provocative, humorous and interesting so the author of the article will want to include it (and it doesnโ€™t just blend in with the other submissions.) Then – rewrite it so its only 3-5 sentences and add a provocative statement at the end

3. Edit if necessary and repeat 5-10 times. Backlinks from HARO are awesome for SEO! I’ve even gotten in the real Inc. Magazine from pitching there.

*Certainly Chat-GPT has ethical implications and could be used to spread misinformation.. or WORSE – bland, vanilla takes, so use at your own risk. LOL.

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