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Seven Best Roofing Nailers For 2024

Whether you’re a budding roofer or a veteran looking to acquire a new nail gun to make your job easier, this article on roofing nailers is something you’d love to read. The…

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Whether you’re a budding roofer or a veteran looking to acquire a new nail gun to make your job easier, this article on roofing nailers is something you’d love to read. The reviews below will serve as a guide to help you purchase the best roofing nailers.

In the absence of nailers, many roofers have experienced the hardwork involved in using hammers to nail roof shingles. If youā€™ve had to use hammers for a while, youā€™d understand how helpful nailers could be. So out of countless roofing nailer brands, we recommend seven high-quality roofing nailers in this article. Read on to know more!

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1. The DeWALT 20V Max Cordless Coil Roofing NailerĀ 

This $400 cordless roofing nailer is a new product by DeWALT; an excellent choice for repair guys. As are all new products, there is still much room for improvement.Ā 

With the Dewalt nailer, the product’s contains:

  • Compact packagingĀ 
  • A chargerĀ 
  • Single 2.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • Single nail gun
  • A user manual.

DeWALT BatteriesĀ 

Dewalt produces the most powerful batteries for their power tools; you won’t believe how much power their batteries provide. Currently, the Dewalt cordless roofing nailers are the only battery-powered roofing nailers.Ā 

You can install five bundles of shingles with one battery, four on a hot day. So acquire multiple batteries if possible. The first charge is about an hour or an hour and a half at most.Ā 

Even with its small battery size, the Dewalt nailer weighs roughly seven pounds which is a bit much compared to other brands like the Hitachi nailer. Asides from that, its feel is so nice you could even do some bicep curls with it. The yellow colour, however, is a bit much for the design.

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

Apart from the standard features expected of every roofing nailer, the Dewalt nailer has possible special features such as:

  • Brushless motor to boost durability & runtime.
  • Bump mode” to increase efficiency.
  • Adjustable tool-free nail tray.
  • Belt hook to aid better handling and convenience.Ā 
  • 15ā° canister to hold up to 120 roofing nails.
  • Release lever to remedy jams.
  • Power source ā€“ Single 2.0Ah Li-ion battery.
  • Allowance for nail sizes ofĀ  Ā¾” to 1Ā¾”.

For a new product in its first edition, the Dewalt cordless roofing nailer is a perfect fit for service repairs like roof leaks & damaged shingles, small-scale production roofing and small jobs.

2. Milwaukee Coil Roofing NailerĀ 

This coil roofing nailer is one of many pneumatic tools from Milwaukee Tools. You’ll find this tool on any list ranking the best roofing nailers in the market.

It comes with a nice red bag for easy transportation, and it weighs around five pounds which is pretty lightweight compared to the weight of nail guns from some other brands.Ā 

This nailer has an all-around magnesium housing, a compact size and a rubberized handle which offers durability and perfect maneuverability. You can purchase one for about $250, a good deal compared to other brands.

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Compatible with nail size of Ā¾” to 1Ā¾”
  • It houses a maximum of 120 nails.
  • Detachable shingle guideĀ 
  • Air filter to prevent contamination by dirtĀ 
  • Stress-free selection between bump fire and the sequential mode.

The Milwaukee Coil nailer’s main selling point is that it assures a jam-free runtime; This is one product you wouldn’t want to ignore.

3. Bostitch Coil Roofing NailerĀ 

Since 1896, Bostitch has climbed up the ladder of innovation and proved herself to be one of the best companies in the science of designing and producing fastening tools.Ā 

Like all their products, their coil roofing nailer proves excellent quality. Due to its good quality, it has become quite popular among roofers.

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Lightweight aluminium housing provides durabilityĀ 
  • One-door loading system enables fast reloading
  • Zero nail lockout feature eliminates dry firing and indicates when to reload the magazine.Ā 
  • Possesses skid pads and aggressive wear guards to protect the tool from serious damage on abrasive surfacesĀ 
  • Quick-depth adjustable depth guide sets nail to desired depths conveniently.Ā 
  • Possesses adjustable shingle guideĀ 
  • Weight ā€“ 4.9lbs
  • Compatible with Ā¾” to 1Ā¾” nails.

The only downside to the Bostitch roofing nailers is that they’re pretty expensive to repair; aside from that, they’re great tools.

4. Metabo Coil Roofing Nailer (formerly Hitachi)

This air-powered nail gun by Metabo weighs about 5.5 lbs, which is quite lightweight. It is the perfect tool for heavy construction projects like the installation of Insulation boards and asphalt shingles.

This nail gun comes with an owner’s manual, safety glasses, and some warranty information. Like the recent nail gun models, it is easy to alternate between single fire and sequential fire. It is also well-balanced for easy maneuver.

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Possesses depth adjustment guide at the top
  • Convenient sideload feature
  • Carbide tipped lever, which adds to the durability
  • Rubber grip for maximum comfort
  • Rubber pads to prevent nail gun from sliding off roofs
  • Compatible with ā…ž” and 1″ to 1Ā¾” nails.

The Metabo coil roofing nailer is well deserving of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

5. Wen Coil Roofing NailerĀ 

This moderately priced pneumatic roofing nailer costs about $102. On delivery, you get a blow mould case containing accessories like safety goggles, oil, a single fire trigger and some Hex wrenches.

The wen nailer operates on pneumatic pressure between 70 and 120 psi and is designed to optimize your efforts during large-scale jobs.

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Accommodates a maximum of 120 nailsĀ 
  • Compatible with Ā¾” to 1Ā¾” nail sizes
  • Power source ā€“ pneumaticĀ 
  • Possesses an adjustable shingle guideĀ 
  • Depth adjustment guideĀ 
  • Ā¼” NPT air inlet

With the Wen coil roofing nailer, you can use the quick-release compartment to loosen jammed nails. This is easily one of the best roofing nailers in the market.

6. Makita Coil Roofing Nailer

If your criteria for selecting nail guns revolves around accuracy, control and durability, the Makita coil roofing nailer should be your top choice. This tool’s depth adjustment guide has been designed for precision.Ā 

The tool has also been enhanced with steel wear plates to minimize damages due to abrasion. Upon purchase, the Makita nail comes with Hex wrenches, oil, air fitting and safety goggles.Ā 

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Aluminium housing to increase tool life
  • Weight ā€“ 5.2lbs
  • Easy and adjustable canister for nail loadingĀ 
  • Depth adjustment guide to increasing accuracyĀ 
  • Adjustable shingle guideĀ 
  • Rubberized grip for maximum comfortĀ 
  • Flush nose design to aid removal of accumulated tar
  • Detachable nosepiece assembly to aid easy maintenance.
  • Compatible with Ā¾” to 1Ā¾” nail sizes.

You can get this nailer for about $210, a fair price compared to the tool’s performance over time.

7. Ridgid Coil Roofing NailerĀ 

This pneumatic nail gun serves roofers well in any job in terms of power and speed. Ridgid gives the most mouth-watering service agreements among other companies that produce power tools, such as free o-rings, piston stops, etc. On top of that, you can acquire this nailer for only about $197.7

Specifications and FeaturesĀ 

  • Ā The tool is protected from abrasive surfaces by wear guards.
  • The dry fire lockout function preserves tool life.
  • Anti-skid plates prevent the tool from sliding off the roof when not in use.
  • An adjustable shingle guide allows accurate shingle placement.

As are most Ridgid products, their nail gun is also one of the best roofing nailers you’ll find in the market.

Whatā€™s Your Take on Our List?

Our choice of roofing nailers to feature in this article is based solely on tests we’ve run on the products and honest reviews from our customers. However, there are a lot more roofing nailer brands out there that also deliver quality nail guns.Ā 

If you wish to make any additions to the list of roofing nailers above or to learn more about roofing nailers, contact us today!


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