7 Best Roofing Industry Consultants & Coaches

Scared you don’t have what it takes to grow a business? So are most roofing business owners. This list of top roofing industry coaches will give you the absolute best of the…

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Best Top Roofing Coaches and Consultants - Sales + Leadership

Scared you don’t have what it takes to grow a business? So are most roofing business owners. This list of top roofing industry coaches will give you the absolute best of the industry and each of their strengths in plain language so that you can make the best choice for your growing business. 

Before we get started – let me break down some misconceptions about hiring a roofing consultant or coach:

❌ It’s not just about “mindset.”

✅ Instead – You want someone with real business experience, and a deep understanding of the context of your industry.

❌Getting a coach or consultant is not admitting “weakness.”

✅ Actually, the strongest and most effective people I know get rhythmic and regular mentorship from smart people, whether that’s a paid coach or they’re lucky to have someone doing it out of the goodness of their heart. (Spoiler alert: sometimes paying someone is better for consistency and the quality of the advice because there’s ‘skin in the game.’)

❌ Consultants aren’t just fluff.

✅ The first thing you get from a coach or consultant is accountability. You get called on your BS and you have someone that reminds you of what your priorities were the previous month. But it can’t just be anyone. I’ve paid a cheap service to this, and the advice and direction of the prodding wasn’t quality. You really need someone with serious business chops. 

The Top 7 Roofing Business Coaches and Consultants in the Biz

There are hundreds of roofing coaches out there, and it can be overwhelming to try and weed through websites and reviews to find the best ones. Based on years of industry involvement, these are the top seven roofing consultants you can hire to coach your business. 

1. The Roofing Academy

This article is written by Tim Brown, and I’m not a roofing business coach –  I have a ton of context on the roofing industry. When I first got into the industry, people raved about Randy Brothers, so I had him on my podcast. 

What struck me about Randy is that he’s passionate about helping people lead well. No “get-rich-quick” vibes or a need to get out of his current roofing business— just a sincere desire to help other roofing companies avoid the same pitfalls that he’s had to go through. 

Know your numbers, and work on your business not in your business: The Roofing Academy

2. Contractor Coach Pro

Jim Johnson is assembling a team of folks, including people in sales, accounting, HR, and marketing, to help roofing businesses get over the scaling problems that come with running a roofing business. 

Believe in your own growth, and get control & freedom in your business: Contractor Coach Pro.

3. Reeva Impact 

Reeva offers roofing sales training, executive training, and recruiting. Plus, you’ll get process + procedure help, online training portal, and training events. 

Exponentially grow the revenue of a roofing business over time with the Roofing Machine: Reeva Impact

4. RBP (Formerly Roofing Business Partner) 

With this top consultant, you’ll get CRM and automation help, as well as a focus on the process from lead to completed job. They help with the technology side of business as well as how that technology takes things off your plate and equips your team more tools for effective growth. 

Create processes that reduce sales friction and increase customer satisfaction: RBP.

5. Sales Transformation Group 

Ryan Groth is focused on leveling up contractor’s sales processes and increasing a sales team’s closing rate. Because of this tight focus and a solid track record of happy clients, Sales Transformation earns a spot on this list. 

Learn more about how their 5 Pillars of Sales Transformation apply to your business. – Sales Transformation Group.

6. Dave Sullivan (The Roofer Show)  

Dave had retired and ultimately took up podcasting about roofing businesses, and his focus has been on increasing your margins rather than scaling a company. He’s since started consulting and is a great option for early businesses who need help increasing their profit and creating more freedom in their business. 

Grow your roofing business, make more money, and have more free time: The Roofer Show.

7.  Rodney Webb University

Rodney Webb University is one of the OG’s of the roofing coaching and consulting game, and it features one flat price per company,  unlimited students, unlimited courses, and new content added regularly.

Get 364 courses online for your sales team, including retail and insurance: Rodney Webb University.

There Are Many Phenomenal Roofing Coaches, but Avoid This Costly Mistake

Don’t be the “consulting client” that doesn’t show up to the meetings, doesn’t do what your coach says to do, and blames other people for not applying the effort. 

To get a serious “Return on Investment” from a coach or consultant, you need to:

  • 💻 Know your numbers. 
  • 📈 Follow money with effort.
  • 💡 Show up every day, and be open to new ideas.

If you’re not open to new ideas, or want to blame other people for your business failures (the opposite of extreme ownership), any one of these consultants will be a failure for you.

But, if you take coaching seriously, show up, and invest the energy required, any one of these fantastic options will increase your clarity, energize you and your team, and drive you to the next level. 

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