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7 Best Minneapolis SEO Companies – List of Specialities

As much as we’d like to think we’re the one-stop shop for everything Minneapolis SEO – we know that there are different Minneapolis SEO Companies that specialize in things that we don’t. Rather than…

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Minneapolis SEO Companies

As much as we’d like to think we’re the one-stop shop for everything Minneapolis SEO – we know that there are different Minneapolis SEO Companies that specialize in things that we don’t. Rather than rub your face in what we offer, I’d rather share the best Minneapolis SEO Companies with you, from my perspective.


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UpCity has a similar list – but they run lists for states throughout the country and can only shed a little light on the best, where-as I’m constantly talking with different Minneapolis SEO Agencies, and involved in the community. These are the actual top 7 SEO Minneapolis Companies, not just a guess from a Google search. Also, none of these companies paid to be part of this as some Best of Minneapolis SEO lists are.

The list is in no particular order – I legitimately tried to be as objective as possible in making this list, of course, we are on there. If any details on this list are incorrect, send me a message at!

Rocket 55 – Specializes in mixing Paid ads and SEO for Lead Generation

Rocket 55 is in it to win it with companies that not only want to do organic search engine marketing but particularly if you are looking to do paid ads as well. A lot of companies offer this – but Rocket 55 has built out a dedicated team around this strategy and therefore can claim this combination as its specialty.

Clayton Johnson – Specializes in Lead Generation and Back-linking

Clayton Johnson is a beast at getting high-quality backlinks that drive search rankings. With a combination of content marketing strategy and these links, he’s able to push the limits on what an Organic SEO campaign can do for a company.

Snap Agency – Specializes in E-commerce, Magento SEO

Snap Agency has been working on E-commerce sites for ten years, before as Probus OneTouch internally, and then graduating to a smaller agency that is heavy into E-commerce SEO. Snap also can handle social media campaigns and paid social campaigns alongside its SEO offerings.

Ovative – Specializes in Bigger Corporate, Enterprise SEO

Most very large companies might consider Ovative for their expertise in technical onsite, and higher end campaigns focused on content strategy rather than backlinking or some strategies that small to mid-size business would find more useful.

Hook Agency – Specializes in mixing clean design and  effective SEO 

Some companies seem to focus on SEO at the expense of the visual design of the client’s website. Our specialty at Hook Agency is to focus not only on GETTING more search engine traffic but making sure that that traffic becomes a customer because the website is compelling and laid out in a way that’s professional and reflects well on the business’s quality.

Premier SEO Ninjas – Specializes in SEO for Doctors and Attorneys 

Premier SEO Ninjas has a heavy emphasis on the content creation for key service pages it seems from their website. Although I haven’t seen their work personally, I can gather from their high rankings for key terms that they focus locally, and can achieve relatively high rankings for themselves and thus have evidence to their effectiveness.

Gruen – Specializes in SEO for Home Services

Gruen prides itself on its ability to rank companies locally – making the possibility of working with them for a home service based business more feasible. Many of the companies above also talk a lot about local SEO – and much of the opportunities for SEO lie in the ability to get on Google maps and location-based landing pages for service-based businesses.

Why did I create this list of the ‘Best Minneapolis SEO Companies’?

Just like Progressive in auto insurance, I think that being the one that gives comparisons from yourself to other companies is extremely useful for the people that are looking for a Minneapolis SEO Company.

I want to be the person who curates the best of the best constructively with an emphasis on their specialties.

I have consulted very little with the companies themselves but tried to give an accurate portrayal of what they focus on, and thus the area where they are likely to give the best service.

No SEO Company is perfect, but some may be better for certain types of projects than others

You wouldn’t begrudge a Mexican restaurant for serving a lackluster burger, would you? Part of the responsibility for the failed burger experiment might be that they shouldn’t be serving the burger in the first place, but they want your business!

The same goes for SEO companies.

It’s crucial to recognize your role in the purchasing decision as a business – that you should look for companies that focus on the problem that you’re trying to solve so that there are efficiencies in their process for working on projects like yours.

Then, of course, you weigh the pros and cons likely factoring in price, their availability, and the timeline for the project, and projected results. If one company says they can get results for you faster than any other company, you may want to look at the viability of that option and examples of when they’ve achieved similar results.

In short, your due diligence in the process of choosing a Minneapolis SEO company is critical. 

How do I spot the right SEO Company for me?

Start by making a list of the attributes of your project. Here are some great ones to start:

Is it E-commerce? Is it Lead Generation?

Are you doing only SEO? Paid Ads as well?

Would you like your SEO Company also to handle social media? Paid social (like Facebook ads?)

Is your website large? Will a number of internal stakeholders require a company with more sophisticated project management?

What is the budget for your SEO Project?

You should at least have some type of range that you’re looking at before you contact an SEO company. A good place to start might be calculating what a 20% increase in leads or business from your website might net the company. 

If you can determine this and have a clear objective going into the project, you may have a better idea of what an appropriate investment might look like. Say if your company makes around 2 Million dollars a year – 20% more business from your website the next year could bring in 400k – even if only half of your revenue were from your website, 200k more because of a concerted effort on your or an agency’s part would make total sense. Up to a point.

You don’t want to spend 200k to make 200k. You probably don’t want to spend half that, but if you could spend 1/10th of that, for instance, if you could spend 22k to make 200k most business models would appreciate that type of investment. Thus it’s important to consider the specifics of your business, your margins, and how competitive the market is.

You should consider all of these things for your business in general, and any strategy you have to get more business. If the average spend on marketing is 7% of total revenue, and on average half of that is spent on digital marketing (across industries), you will have to tailor the exact number to your needs. When you’ve assessed competition, and what you’re willing to spend to get new customers you will have a better idea of what your overall budget should be, and thus better equipped to find the best SEO partner for your needs. 

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