4 Powerful Asphalt Marketing Tips to Ignite Your Strategy

Marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated and costly process for your business. You can do a lot by investing time and minimal money into simple strategies to generate more business from…

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Asphalt Marketing Tips

Marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated and costly process for your business. You can do a lot by investing time and minimal money into simple strategies to generate more business from your target clients.

We’re here to help you feel confident in your business’ marketing strategy with four simple asphalt marketing tips to get you started. 

Asphalt Marketing Tips

1. Create and Stick to a Marketing Budget

Budgeting is a vital step in marketing your business. People say you have to spend money to make money, and you should spend trying to generate leads through a solid marketing plan. How do you develop a marketing budget for your asphalt business, though? It’s all based on your business needs. 

Your marketing budget should be about 7-8% of your gross revenue. Once you’ve figured out how much you’ve got to spend, you should set out to create a marketing plan with a focus on what you can do to generate leads. Marketing plans don’t have to be pricey or complicated. We’ve compiled several free marketing plan templates to help you organize your thoughts. 

It’s essential to remember that almost half of your marketing budget should go toward digital marketing, which includes your website, SEO, and PPC advertising. The rest may go toward print ads, radio, television, yard signs, local events, or whatever else you can think of, but online marketing is the best way to reach the most leads for the highest ROI right now. 

2. Create a Quality Website

A high-quality website is a marketer’s best friend. Your website should have solid landing pages for your leads when they click on your ads. It should feature large, bold visuals and videos to keep potential clients interested and give them information in an easy to access format. It should also utilize keywords to encourage SEO for your ideal clients. 

Website improvements are high on the priority list when you’re looking to improve SEO, which in turn will improve organic leads. Get rid of duplicate content, ensure your keywords are tight and provide exciting visuals on your landing pages to make the most of your website. If you need help, then we’re here for you with excellent web design services and SEO packages

Asphalt Company Web Design
An example of a Hook Agency Asphalt Site

3. Utilize Reviews

Word of mouth is the number one marketing tool for small businesses, but these days word of mouth is rarely one neighbor telling another about their experience directly. Usually, word of mouth comes from online reviews like Google Business Pages or Yelp. If you can tap into these reviews to help your business thrive, then you’ll likely generate more leads.

This probably one of our most important asphalt marketing tips, and should not be overlooked. 

Both Google Business Pages and Yelp allow you to own your company and comment on customer reviews. Commenting on every review, good or bad, and resolving issues with bad reviews will help your company to shine. Your goal should be at least 4.5 stars to keep your company in good standing.

To ensure your review pages shine, you can ask every client for a review once you’ve finished the job. Asking every client every time will most certainly boost your scores and keep your review pages fresh. You can also utilize the best reviews on your website, and even ask clients for a photo to put with the review to help increase trust in your brand through social proof. 

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4. Build Business Relationships

Building relationships with other local businesses is just good sense. Not only does it help drive business if those companies ever need asphalt work, but it also allows for mutual recommendations. 

For example, if you have a client that just bought a new driveway from you, then maybe they also need some landscape work done. You can recommend a business that you’ve built a relationship with for the job. If you do that a time or two, then that business will likely reciprocate. 

Clients who have a good experience with another business that recommends you are much more likely to buy than clients who have only seen your ads or visited your website once. It’s the business-to-business version of word of mouth advertising. 

Final Thoughts on Asphalt Marketing Tips

Marketing your asphalt business doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily utilize one of the marketing plan templates we’ve provided on our website to help you get started.

If you’re struggling after implementing all of these asphalt marketing tips, then don’t hesitate to come to us for a new website or optimization services, SEO packages, or other strategies to help you win new customers.

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