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50 High-End Remodeling Company Name Ideas

The name you choose for your high-end remodeling company is a big decision. You are decidedly choosing what you will call yourself for the entire life of your company, so you want…

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remodeling company names

The name you choose for your high-end remodeling company is a big decision. You are decidedly choosing what you will call yourself for the entire life of your company, so you want to choose wisely.

There are a few key traits that your company name should always have:

  • Short, sweet, to the point
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Has an available domain. (check for availability on
  • Isn’t just an abbreviation for something
  • Flexible to reiterate or expand upon
  • Reads clean and has good alliteration
  • Timeless in nature
  • Is unique and not cliche within the industry
  • Memorable

We’ve come up with a mountain of business name ideas that could work for high-end remodeling companies. Feel free to use any of these for your company or inspiration for your name! DISCLAIMER: Always make sure that the name you decide on does not already exist (at least in your area and niche), doesn’t have any legal disclaimers for use to it, and that a domain is available for your website.

  1. Absolute Renovations
  2. Ace Renovations
  3. Apex Remodeling
  4. Arc Renovations
  5. Awe-Inspiring Alterations
  6. Awesome Assembly Remodelers
  7. Awesome Deco Renovations
  8. Build and Restore Remodelers
  9. Camp Revamp
  10. Casa Renovations
  11. Create and Rejuvenate
  12. Deluxe Reworks
  13. Dream Big Renovations
  14. Elegant Design Renovations
  15. Elegant Emporium Designs
  16. Evolve Renovations
  17. Extravagant Renovations
  18. High-Velocity Remodels
  19. Just-Like-New Renovations
  20. Legacy Remodeling
  21. Lux Remodels
  22. Luxurious Renovation
  23. Modeled Modernizations
  24. One Step Towards Luxury
  25. Palatial Designs
  26. Polished Home Renovations
  27. Post Rejuvenation Designs
  28. Precision Remodeling
  29. Precision Restoration
  30. Prime Remodels
  31. Provision Remodeling
  32. Refined Renovation Designs
  33. Refined Revisions
  34. Regal Renovations
  35. RemodelingWorks
  36. Reno-Scapes
  37. Simple Luxury Remodeling Co.
  38. Sophisticated State Remodeling
  39. Star Remodelers
  40. Star Remodels
  41. Swanky Revamps
  42. The Deluxe Demo Dudes
  43. The Remodel Roadway
  44. True Value Remodeling Co.
  45. Vanity Home Remodeling
  46. Vantage Point Renovation
  47. Versatile Builders
  48. Visionary Remodeling Co.
  49. Your Choice Renovations
  50. Your Handy Renovations


A few tips and tricks for when you are naming your high-end remodeling business.

  1. If you are a family-owned business and have a unique name—use it! You can try dozens of reiterations of the ordering but a simple “Jones & Son Renovations” is a great way to add a personal touch to your name and your business. People love a family-owned business, so if the name is available, why not utilize it?
  2. Can’t think of any good descriptive words? Plug in a word like awesome or good into and see what it comes back with. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction to find just the right word to describe your business.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use punctuation in your name. Don’t be excessive with it but you could utilize hyphens or ampersands to give it some flair and tie a few words together.
  4. A good rule of thumb is to keep it under 4 words. For example “Name & Name Remodeling” or “Totally Awesome Renovations”. Keeping it short and sweet is one of the elements that makes a good title or name of a business. Some of the most popular companies in the world are recognized by one or two words. (Tide, Coca Cola, Amazon).


We hope this list helps inspire you or points you in the right direction of what you could name your business. We may add more to this list as time goes on, and we’d love to hear your feedback or if you’ve used any of these! We love to hear what people come up with. We’ve also put together some marketing tips for your high-end remodeling business here. For more info on small business marketing, check out our Digital Marketing Basics guide!




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