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Web Design Trends 2019 | 2019 Website Trends (6 Details to Try)

Web designers are no different than fashion designers, in that they must constantly keep an ear to the ground when it comes to listening for what the latest trends will be for…

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Web Design Trends 2019

Web designers are no different than fashion designers, in that they must constantly keep an ear to the ground when it comes to listening for what the latest trends will be for the upcoming year in web design.

A smart web designer not only keeps the brand image in mind when creating the layout of a site, but also the usability for the user. Because of this, each year designers weed out design details that users didn’t like and expand on the ones that users do like.

This year is no different, and here is a list of the top trends to look for in web design for 2019.

Video Backgrounds

You’ve probably seen a decent amount of websites that incorporate large video backgrounds to engage the user. Video backgrounds are a great way to give the user an inside look at your business.

websites with video backgrounds to engage the user

Check out property development company Ditto’s website, which highlights their residential developments with people going about their days, offering the user the ability to see the inside of the units in an engaging way.

Website Design Trend 2019

We worked with Deneen Pottery to help implement a video on their background as well, which features actual footage of their pottery being handmade.

Particle Backgrounds

For businesses who still want to incorporate motion into their websites, particle backgrounds are a great alternative to video backgrounds, especially if you’re worried about load time with a larger background video. These animations are javascript that create natural and engaging movement as part of the background.

heystack website

Heystack used an intricate particle background for their site, and we expect more designers to do the same.

Asymmetrical Layouts

The unique and distinctive aspects of asymmetrical web design make it appealing in terms of differentiating your site from others. In contrast to the minimalist style that has been popular for a few years now, asymmetrical designs are busier but still look just as clean and professional when done right. 

asymmetrical web design

We recently launched this website for Sustainable 9, which features shapes overlapping and while their is a semblance of balance to it, there are certainly asymmetric elements, adding depth to it.

Bold Typography

Choosing the right typography can be the difference in having a low bounce rate rather than a high one. Choosing a bold typography, especially in a big font size, can really grab the attention of your site user.

bold typography in web design


bold typography in web design

These two websites home pages, created by a web designer on Dribble, perfectly exemplify the simple and modern nature of bold typeface.

Integrated Animations

Integrated animations are exactly what they sound like: animations that are placed throughout the website to add an extra feeling of liveliness, motion, and engagement to the website. As you’ve noticed, motion is a big theme to look for in web design for this upcoming year.

integrated animation in web design

30 Species in Pieces, a website that is dedicated to educating people on endangered animals, uses crisp and engaging animation in their simple web design to bring it to life.

Dynamic Gradients

As we’ve noted before, color gradients are starting to make a comeback. Gradients allow for customization with your website’s colors to create something that truly embodies your brand.

color gradients in web design  Apple used gradient for their font color to stick with the theme of their new iPhone X ads.

A Better Website is Just Around the Corner

We’ve come a long way since the first websites were launched. Web designers are becoming more detailed, more adventurous, and quite frankly, better. The next few years of web design will be all about pushing the envelope and trying daring new ideas. Here at Hook, we love to taking an old site that you’ve grown tired of and turning it into something that truly encapsulates the cutting-edge, uniqueness of your brand. If you’re looking to build a new site, one that will engage users and lead to more conversions, then reach out to Hook Agency today to set up a meeting, where we will talk about what your business goals are and how we can implement them into your new site.

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