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10X Growth Conference – Recap / Review

Little note – I went to 10X Growth Con 2017, and I’m going to 10X Growth Con 2019, so it must’ve been cool enough – eh? 🙂 Tweet me if you’re going…

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10x Growth Con

Little note – I went to 10X Growth Con 2017, and I’m going to 10X Growth Con 2019, so it must’ve been cool enough – eh? 🙂 Tweet me if you’re going too – or if you want to say hi!

The 10x Growth Conference ( #10x , #10xgrowthcon on Twitter/IG) is going on now in Hollywood, Florida – near Miami, Florida. To help myself remember the amazing takeaways from the event, and to share with my friends who aren’t able to make it – I wanted to get some key notes on the speakers and a bit about the event.

10X Growth Con Review: The event was great in so many ways – the same ways that listening to a Grant Cardone audiobook (multiplied by well, 10x)  is great, it gets you fired up! Tactics were sprinkled in, but the real value was a on-fire kick in the ass. I can’t say whether I would spend the change on watching all of the video’s per say because a lot of the value I got was from the conversations etc. but I might still! Money invested in your own personal growth is well spent.

10x Growth Con

10X Growth Con Recap




Kevin Harrington

  • Using a tripwire in conjunction with your lead funnel. A Tripwire is – “It commonly means is turning a lead into a customer by making them a low-cost, relatively painless offer, then having the opportunity to upsell them once they are in your sales funnel.”
  • Amazing quote from Mark Cuban to Robert HerjavecYou’re always trying to protect your downside, think about the upside.”
  • Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!” – Paul J. Meyer

Tom Peters

  • You have to know your cash-flow down to the penny
  • I work under the assumption that if someone is working for me – they’re working for me because I won… Now it’s my turn to show them how to make money & win

Jack Jackintelle

  • Foundation for your company is absolutely critical
  • Choose your non-negotiables in your company – make them down to the detail if you want.
  • Core competencies extremely clear – mean you can create greater margins.
  • Create your vision and use it to filter your people. Your people have to believe in your vision.
  • “Teams don’t go to the superbowl on trick plays, it’s all about the culture that’s maintained in the locker room.”
  • Weed out entitlement, the mediocre, and excuses


Bobby Castro

  • Non-refundable minutes: Calculate what each minute costs you / take your yearly income and divide it by working days and then working hours, then minutes, and think about that when you’re wasting time.
  • Learn to say no family members, ignore if you can’t say no – your responsibility is to yourself and your own success first.



Brad Lea

  • “You’re either going to take a chance, or work for someone that took a chance.”
  • Overdeliver. Slackers eventually go away.
  • “If you want a million dollars, solve a million problems”
  • “There is no key to success. It’s a combination.”
  • “Train your ass off.”
  • Don’t worry about what happens if you do it (take a risk,) worry about what happens if you don’t.


Victor Antonio

  • Segment your market
  • Fire the bottom 20% of producers
  • Every CEO only cares about expanding revenue, decreasing cost and increasing market share so unless you can show them how to do that, they won’t care.
  • In a B2B sale it will take an average of 8 weeks – and 6-8 people to sign off
  • If you don’t sign a client – 10% go to your competitor and 30% don’t make a decision, 10% of those on price and 20% just have analysis paralysis – shift your perspective to stop focusing on the competitor and focus on that 20%.
  • “Segment your marketing – clarity equals confidence, confusion equals chaos.”
  • Sell value, not price.
  • Never ask freeloaders, stupid people, and never ask people who don’t know.


Andy Frisella

  • Did the customer go out and leave a post on Facebook about how awesome the experience was? If not – you failed.
  • “People don’t believe fuckin ads – they believe other people.”
  • What could you do that was so amazing that a customer would have to tell everyone on social how awesome was.
  • Create such an amazing experience that you make a customer / client loyal and it insulates you from your competitor.
  • This way your customers would rather pay for yours than get your competitors for free.



Russell Brunson

  • Find smart people and model them
  • Find successful lead funnels and model them
  • Upsell, Upsell, Upsell after you have a customer
  • Use to find the ways / sites, giving them traffic
  • Buy advertising on the same websites as them after you’ve modeled their funnel

Les Brown

  • Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t need to be your reality.
  • We should be ashamed to die, if we haven’t made our contribution to humankind.
  • Give before you ask. “Provide more service than you get paid for.”

Roddy Chong – Violinist

  • You must play through the mistakes
  • There’s often a custom made moment of brilliance on the other side
  • 10x-ing isn’t just about cars and watches – it’s about courage and discipline


Chelsea Krost

  • We have an opportunity to be a bridge from brands to our niche audience – utilize influencers
  • Get your website mobile optimized and keywords strategized – as well as hashtags
  • Millennials – will spend 200 Billion in 2017
  • Millennials are making or breaking businesses now
  • Millennials are not homogenized
  • “I’ve taken time to know what my audience I like… I serve them”


Tim Grover

Had this up on Youtube, but it looks like it got taken down.




Elena Cardone

  • Watch your empire and get rid of people sucking energy
  • Expect excellence and competence
  • Empires fail because they leave their original purpose
  • Don’t let just anyone in your courtyard / empire

Tim Story

  • Getting around excellence there is a rubbing off of power
  • Run with a tribe – that energizes and inspires you
  • Some people won’t understand you – you’re not normal
  • (They can’t catch a FM station on a AM dial)

Q&A with Jay Abraham

  • Who has a systematic approach to getting referrals – this is huge. Get multiple systematic approaches
  • If you have proven model, approach, and marketing – sell all the others in your area in the same marketing, 20 grand + 3% to be part of your model.
  • Who already has access to your market – that’s not threatened by what you do: partner with them.
  • Find who’s got the audience and partner with them.
  • Get more certainty on the prime demographic (geographic etc.) and hone and target your efforts further, including your systematic approaches to getting referrals.
  • Grant Cardone: You’re over-selling. Say: “Have you seen enough to make a decision?”
  • Can’t call on broke clients


  Jarrod Glandt

  • Look for the right vehicle , do whatever it takes to get on that rocket ship
  • Action over planning
  • We don’t get caught up in the details of planning – we just start moving, we make a decision and act on it.
  • You have to be ruthless with the target
  • There have to be consequences for not hitting the target
  • Do whatever you can to make it clear there’s a problem when the team doesn’t hit the target
  • Incentivize everybody! Pay people when they produce


 Grant Cardone

  • You can’t be successful without attention
  • Consistency is absolutely crucial
  • Most people are only getting just enough to compare themselves to better off than other people
  • Starts by literally making up a price – before he knows what the product will look like or how he’ll promote it.
  • Never do a deal with somebody who’s gone back on a deal.
  • His first book was written quickly, had 100’s of mis-spellings and grammatical errors
  • The price is made up, the date is made up, “I can’t do it” is made up – “I just want to be happy” is made up
  • A million dollars is made up – and is a lazy goal. It ends in 0!


Also check out Cardone University for amazing sales coaching videos and materials.

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