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101 Amazing Carpentry Company Names (+ 3 Terrible Ones)

For carpenters and contractors in general, marketing your business can feel like a drag or even a waste of time. We’re here to tell you that in our experience, marketing and branding…

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For carpenters and contractors in general, marketing your business can feel like a drag or even a waste of time. We’re here to tell you that in our experience, marketing and branding play a key role in the success of our clients and other contractors. We see carpentry businesses struggle when they don’t recognize critical elements of branding and digital marketing as necessary. In 2021, if you don’t care about your brand and online presence, more than likely potential customers won’t care about your business!

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If you’re here, that probably means you do understand the importance of good branding and a quality name for your carpentry business. Carefully considering effective names for your business is a great place to start when it comes to building your brand.

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Below are 101 amazing examples of unique, creative, and effective carpentry company names to inspire you on your branding journey. Stick around at the end, and we’ll show you three names that missed the mark but are worth sharing for a laugh. 

Picture of Carpentry Tools.

101 Carpentry Company Names

  1. Conceptual Carpentry
  2. Abbywood Carpentry and Flooring
  3. Celtic Carpentry Works
  4. Imperial Custom Woodworking
  5. Alpine Woodworking
  6. AAA Carpentry
  7. Apex Carpenters
  8. The Woodworking Masters
  9. Silk Oak Carpentry and Design
  10. Top Shelf Cabinets Co.
  11. The Sawdust Brothers
  12. Tree of Life Wood Flooring
  13. Rosewood Cabinets and Flooring
  14. The Carpentry Pros
  15. Floored and Coated Carpentry
  16. Carved to Perfection
  17. Level Headed Carpentry
  18. Blue Eagle Carpenters
  19. Son of Thor Woodworking
  20. Wooden Nail Carpentry
  21. Master Craftsmen
  22. Built To Last Carpentry
  23. Black Bird Cabinets
  24. Sanko Custom Carpentry
  25. WoodHome Cabinets and Floors
  26. Precision Carpentry
  27. Dedicated Commercial Carpentry
  28. Redwood Remodeling
  29. Creative Trim Works
  30. All-Pro Carpenters
  31. Royal Design Kitchens and Cabinets
  32. The Wood Architects
  33. The Cardinals of Carpentry
  34. The Wood Smiths
  35. Integrity Woodworks
  36. True Talent Carpentry
  37. A Carpenters Touch
  38. Blue Beaver WoodWorking
  39. Discovery Carpentry
  40. Hand Crafted
  41. Straight Edge Carpenters
  42. The Best Fit Carpentry
  43. Your Neighborhood Carpenter
  44. Moonlight Flooring and Carpentry
  45. The Kings of Carpentry
  46. All Around Carpentry Pros
  47. Doors Floors and More
  48. Expect The Best Carpentry
  49. Top to Bottom Carpentry and Remodeling
  50. Mill City Woodworking
  51. Sawed-Off Carpentry
  52. Classic Finish Carpenters
  53. Modern Men Carpentry
  54. Iconic Wood
  55. United Carpenters
  56. Clear Cut Carpentry and Design
  57. The Cabinet Company
  58. Carpentry by [Your Name]
  59. Picture Perfect Wood Designs
  60. Green Forest Contractors
  61. Complete Carpentry
  62. Level X Carpentry & Design
  63. True Grit
  64. Sanded to Perfection
  65. American Carpentry Solutions
  66. Pro Quality Carpentry
  67. [Your Location]’s Finest Carpentry
  68. One of a Kind Carpentry Co
  69. K&R Carpentry Services
  70. Handy Man Carpentry
  71. Trimtech Custom Carpentry
  72. Accurate Woodwork 
  73. Benchmark Carpentry and Painting
  74. Redemption Custom Carpentry
  75. The Great Little Woodshop
  76. Titan Carpentry Inc
  77. Exact Carpentry
  78. Winter WoodWorks
  79. Wood Chuck Workshop
  80. Premiere Roofing and Carpentry
  81. Good Morning Carpentry
  82. Custom Closet Solutions
  83. WoodWiz Carpentry and Home Repair
  84. Better Builders Carpentry
  85. Carpentry 365
  86. 1-800 Carpenter
  87. Broadway Kitchen and Cabinets
  88. Taylors Trim and Woodworking
  89. Big Dog Carpentry
  90. Cabins Cabinets and Doors
  91. Pro Choice Carpentry
  92. Sandy’s Sanding and Finishing
  93. The Hard Grain Guys
  94. Top Floor Carpentry
  95. Honest Carpentry
  96. Pristine Finish Woodworking
  97. Picture Perfect Carpenters
  98. The Frame Pros
  99. Cross Cut Carpentry
  100. Elite Carpentry and Contracting
  101. A to Z Carpentry and Woodwork

Now that you’re thoroughly inspired by these great carpentry company names, let’s take a look at three names that you’d never want to use. We’ve also concepted some slogans to go along with these terrible names, because we couldn’t resist. 

3 Terrible Carpentry Company Names (And some funny slogans)

3 Finger Dan’s Woodworking  Workman’s Comp Experts

Halfway Decent Carpentry – Hey, at Least We’re Honest

Screw This ContractorsWe’ll Get it Done When We Can

Thanks for reading these amazing carpentry company names (and 3 terrible ones)! If you’re looking for more resources on contractor marketing and branding, check out our blogs here.

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