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34+ (Actually Good) Architectural Firm Name Ideas

Updated March 30, 2019
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Architectural Company name ideas - actually good names

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, and strategic marketer focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses and construction companies.

This guide will give you 3 dead simple strategies for naming your architectural firm, and share 34+ actually good architectural company name ideas. Perhaps the perfect name is just around the corner – but first here’s what NOT to do with your name:

Don’t copy any existing firm out there already (in fact actively avoid in-use names)

Don’t name it after you just because you’re small currently (what if you grow)

Don’t fall for “corporate speak” over a fresh, lively approach (more easily remembered)

Here are the 3 principles and 34+ names to get your creative juices going. Once you need a logo, a website or more traffic from Google, send us a message!

Architectural Company name ideas - actually good names

Use your name (be honest with yourself if it carries weight)

Names are an extremely common option for architectural companies – as the last name of a founder might carry a certain amount of notoriety in the architectural community. Of course, our list of options or suggestions below won’t have last names in it – being that it’s unlikely you’d want to use one other than your own or your firms lead designer.

Ultimately it may make the company harder to sell – and should be done only in cases where the name really does carry emotional weight in your region or niche. Possible options for name focused companies? Slap one of these bad boys on the end:

  • Studio
  • Partners
  • Designs
  • Group
  • Associates
  • Studio
  • And Co.
  • Inc.

Make it original and base it on your “Unique Value Proposition”

It’s very hard to brainstorm a list of names without knowing your unique value proposition. Ultimately. That’s where you want to start with a naming process. Are you always on time, and on-budget perhaps you should be called ‘Rock Solid + Associates + Studio + Partners’ – do you constantly push the boundaries of design, perhaps you could be ‘Edgewater Associates + Group + and Co.’, are you niched into one area of the state or country, or one particular segment of the market? Why not include them in the name for instance – ‘Midwest Modern Architects.’

Make sure the URL is available – it’s 2019!

It’s now a very bare-minimum requirement in naming, to see if the URL is available so your company doesn’t have to end up with some off-brand ‘.net’ or add something unnatural to the end of your name to make your .com work.

I strongly suggest prioritizing this in your naming brainstorm and keeping it at the front of your conversations when coming up with a fresh name for your architectural firm.

Avoid unusual formatting that makes it hard to say or write quickly.

Ultimately you want the name to be super easy to say at a party. You should have to be like “UDesignz”… thats with a U and at the end there’s a Z. Find us a UDesignz.net.

If you find yourself explaining how to spell your name etc. every time you say it – you’ve failed at creating an intuitive iconic, name.


34 Architectural Company Names

  1. Reflex Architects
  2. Powerhouse Designs
  3. Pangaea Group
  4. Sleek Architects
  5. Dream Design
  6. ArchiPark
  7. Atelier Legacy
  8. Function & Form
  9. Skeleton Key Design
  10. Measured Architecture
  11. Everest Associates
  12. Innovest Design Lab
  13. Cove Architecture
  14. Axis Architecture
  15. Signature Design
  16. Bold Structure
  17. Ridge Associates
  18. BuiltIN Studio
  19. Infinite Sky Design
  20. Studio Blue
  21. Interloper Partners
  22. Macrocosm Design
  23. Steel Cedar Inc.
  24. Elemental Architecture
  25. Legacy Group
  26. Sustainable Performance Architects
  27. True Roots Studios
  28. Emporium Design
  29. Fusion & Fealty
  30. Purpose and Co.
  31. Reddymade Consulting Architects
  32. Heliotropic Grade
  33. Steelman Partners Inc.
  34. Lucky Specter Group


Thank you for checking out our ’34+ (Actually Good) Architectural Firm Name Ideas’ – let us know if you need help with your branding or digital marketing!


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, and strategic marketer focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses and construction companies.

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