Cody Warren

5 Fast facts About

Cody Warren

  • Cody is an SEO Specialist.
  • Cody is super passionate about music and plays guitar.
  • Cody spent 3 months backpacking in New Zealand.
  • Cody doesn’t believe in half-assing anything.
  • Cody sees keyword research as a treasure hunt for making content that wins!

An interview with Cody Warren:

1. What’s your favorite 90’s movie?

Unquestionably, Quinton Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

2. Have you ever built a snow fort?

Born and raised in Minnesota, snow fort building was a valuable skill to have as a kid. If you could build the best snow fort, more of your friends would team up with you in snowball fights – ensuring victory. So yeah, I took building snow forts pretty seriously.

3. If someone wrote a biography about you – what would it be called?

Cracked Hands and a Blank Paper: The story of a kid with too many ideas.

4. What was your favorite band / musical group when you were 18?

I thought I was super cool cause I listened to rap all the time, so more than likely Kanye West, Jay Z, or Kendrick Lamar.


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