Casey Swanson

5 Fast facts About

Casey Swanson

  • Casey is our Content Strategist
  • Casey has a degree in Marketing
  • Casey has two cats – Monkey & Walter
  • Casey has a large collection of vintage cameras
  • Casey loves a good karaoke party

An interview with Casey Swanson:

1. What is your favorite 90’s movie?

Jurassic Park, with Tommy Boy a close second.

2. What is your favorite Minneapolis Restaurant?


3. If all commutes were 10 minutes, regardless of location, where would you live?

San Francisco – queue Tony Bennett.

4. If someone wrote a biography about you – what would it be called?

“Endearingly Strange”

5. What was your favorite band / musical group when you were 18?

Brand New, or Cursive. “The Ugly Organ” remains one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time.

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