5 Fast Facts About

Brynn Wilson

  1. Brynn grew up in Aitkin, MN.
  2. She loves any + all water sports.
  3. She has a golden retriever named Stella.
  4. Brynn has coached both tennis + pickleball.
  5. She’s a deer hunter!


An interview with Brynn Wilson:

1. If you had to be reborn in a different U.S state – what would it be?

Montana, but it would have to be the western side

2. You have 6 hours to do anything you want. What do you choose?

Either thrifting in Minneapolis, or hanging out on a lake depending on the season!

3. What meal would you cook to try to impress someone really important?

Probably pasta carbonara!

4. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever gotten?

People will remember how you made them feel, more than what you said to them!

5. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?


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