Content Marketing for Roofing: The Ultimate Guide

Roofing Content marketing is simple on the surface. To an outsider, it is simply businesses publishing different forms of media to get people to their site.

  • But, if you want to do content marketing right, you have to take the time to truly understand the intricacies and details that make up not just a good content marketing strategy, but a great one.
  • Find the content that actually works and hammer on the strategies that drive leads, eyeballs and relevance.
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To help you out, we’ve compiled your go-to guide for creating inspired and actionable content that will leave your audience wanting more.

Content Marketing Targeting - Personas

1. How to Identify Roofing Content Ideal Customers Will Want

When figuring out what your content’s subject matter should be, you need to first take a hard look at your audience. A lot of businesses will make the mistake of talking too much about themselves and their products when they are creating their content. Don’t do this.

If you want to truly create meaningful content that will have a lasting impact, you must consider the needs and wants of your customers and create detailed audience personas that will help you better understand who is buying your products and why, as well as what kind of content they are interested in. Content that is centered on your consumers desires rather than your own will lead to more page views, engagement, and subscribers.

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Outsourcing Content Marketing

2. Working With an Outside Content Team

If you end up outsourcing your content to a third party, you still need to be an intricate part of the content marketing process and strategies. While you will no doubt be working with capable writers and marketers, no one truly understands your consumers, your business’s offering, and your industry like you.

While yes, using an outside content team will lighten the load for you, you’ll still have to assist the team in making sure your content is still epic. Communication between you and your outside writers is going to be key when it comes to working collaboratively. You’re not the only business they are writing for, so make sure they are still meeting your expectations and creating the content you need to generate results.

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Carrot on a string - Incentivize employees to write content icon

3. How to Incentivize Your Employees to Write Content

Having your employees to start contributing to your content marketing initiatives is a great way to help generate new ideas and unique perspectives when you’re content is falling a little flat. Even the most novice of writers can become good content creators if you give them enough guidance, help them understand the impact of their work, reward them for doing well, and create measurable goals and share the results with your team.

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Tone of Voice In Content Strategy

4. How to Find Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

An often overlooked detail when it comes to content marketing, the tone you choose when creating your content will have a large impact on the effectiveness of your Roofing content marketing strategies. The tone should ultimately be in-line with the brand image and identity that you have cultivated for your business, which means it will vary from company to company and your’s should be unique, especially when compared to your competitors.

It needs to be consistent across the board as well. If you have a large team all creating content, it can be difficult to ensure that the tone doesn’t deviate from writer to writer. You’ll want to make sure that everyone is on the same page before you start creating content.  

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Hub Spoke Model in Content Marketing

5. The Hub and Spoke Model for SEO

We’ve all been there. Writer’s block. It can get frustrating at times and sometimes you feel like you’ll never figure out what your next big content topic will be.

If you’re having trouble coming up with new content, the hub and spoke model is a simple way to give you some strong content ideas that will help bring in strong prospects who will return for each new piece you publish. By implementing keywords into this type of model, you can touch on the most popular topics and issues in your industry today; ones that will garner more page views. Whether you’re just starting to implement content marketing strategies, or have been doing so for awhile, we love to the hub and spoke model no matter where you are with your content marketing maturity.

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Media Choice - Content Strategy - What type of media format should you use? Content Marketing

6. Making the Right Content/Format Selection for Your Topic

There are a lot of different types of formats you can run with when it comes to your content marketing. While overwhelming at times, this is a definite advantage. Each type of format has their own special set of benefits that can be used to reach your audience in different, yet still meaningful ways. Whether you want to jump on the podcast popularity craze or position yourself as an industry leader in a specific area with a white paper, there are so many great ways to get your brand out there and address the wants and needs of your customers.

When it comes to making the right decisions, you’ll need to research your competition, consider your resources and the context of the topic, and understand your audience’s preferences.

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Different Types of Content Marketing

7. Mixing it Up With Different Kinds of Roofing Content Marketing

A meme is worth a thousand words.

Fun content, like memes, infographics, or comics, can help your content generate more shares and help increase your awareness and the overall engagement your content receives. It’s all about breaking through the clutter and standing out in the sea of content and advertisements your audience sees everyday. By trying out some of the more zanny types of content formats, you can stand out amongst the competitions. When it comes to mixing things up with ‘different’ content, don’t be afraid to fail. Be bold, try something new, and if it doesn’t work, no harm, no foul. Forget about it and try something else creative.

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CAll to Actions in Content Marketing

8. Working in Call to Actions (CTAs) into Your Content

You should always strive to make your content actionable. Don’t let your audience read one blog and then leave your site, but get them to search around and view other content and, better yet, get them to try out your products. As we’ve talked about before, your content shouldn’t directly be about your products or services, but your content can be a means of getting your audience to check them out.

Call-to-actions can help you accomplish that. A strongly worded CTA will compel your reader to take action, whether it takes them to other pages on your site, gets them to contact your directly, or buy a product. If you aren’t incorporating call-to-actions into your content, you missing out on an opportunity to use your content for what it is meant for; driving your consumers down the conversion funnel.

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Why We’re Passionate about Roofing Content Marketing

Marketers who truly understand content marketing see that it is more than just a way to increase traffic to your site. No, it’s much more than that.

Content marketing is a way to create connections with your audience. It will help enforce that brand identity and image that is so important in consumer environment that is driven by loyal shoppers. It’s a way to create noise in your industry and disrupt the status quo. All the benefits that good content marketing provides will ultimately help drive conversions for your business. But most importantly, it will allow you to position yourself as a more helpful, knowledgeable, and overall better brand than your competition.

If you’re ready to kick your content marketing into high gear, reach out today.

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