Northface Construction – Web Design / Creative Direction

Northface Construction – Web Design / Creative Direction

Case Study Live Site Construction / Contractor Website - Minneapolis Area, Affordable design and development for small businesses

The Challenge

Northface Construction is a fairly new small business, and I collaborated with him to get the kind of content he needed on the site to satisfy visitors and attract traffic from search engines. His business has three main services, so we knew we needed to work collaboratively to give the site the kind of longer form content search engines like Google love. At the same time, we wanted visitors to the site to be able to access the content quickly, so we needed to present the content in a visually compelling way.

The Solution

We created the site on WordPress, which enabled the owner of the contracting business to edit the content quickly. Affordable web design in Minneapolis doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. As a small business, this contractor/construction website perfectly fits the owner’s needs while providing tons of clues to visitors to elicit trust, from testimonials to lots of photographs of successful jobs, to badges from the Better Business Bureau and industry specialty organizations. I worked with another visual designer on this project, plus I art directed the visual solution and provided strategy and information architecture. Everywhere on the site, there is an emphasis on the primary action we want visitors to take, to fill out the form and get in contact with the business.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

Most importantly I helped Josh hone in on what the unique value he provides through his service business, which is personalized attention and quality of materials. I established and emphasised this fact during our discussions with some very intentional questions. Though I am an affordable web designer in Minneapolis, I believe that marketing-centric web design is attainable at this level. I’m grateful for my clients and like to learn from you about your industry and enjoy the process of working towards the best web design in Minneapolis we can create.

“From the very first meeting with Tim, I knew he was the guy to go with for my business’s online needs. He took a deep interest in understanding what my business was about and our vision for the future. The whole process went very smooth, and I felt like he was able to express what we are about in a way that we could not have made tangible without his help. The standards were set very clearly as far as what our goals were with the project and his knowledge of online platform design and marketing established a clear strategy as to how we would achieve those goals through the website design. I would recommend Tim to anyone who values the depth of quality that is needed to truly stand out with their business to potential clients.”
Joshua Swisher, Northface Construction

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