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Landscaping Marketing + Lead Generation Services Company

By Alex Kleve
Updated February 1, 2021
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landscaping marketing
Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

Landscaping Marketing + Lead Generation

Get more traffic and visibility with best in class digital marketing

See how you can get more leads and traffic onto your site and get an advantage over your competition. We help you do this through websites with lead generating functionality and getting your site higher on search engines like Google.

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landscaping marketing


Website Design

With our websites, we do more than just a pretty and functional design. We design websites so they can be effective and conversion-focused – $15,500 (can be broken out) Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

We get you higher in Google ranking with top terms and keywords so you are seen ahead of the competition – $3,500 /month Learn More

Pay-per-click Advertising

Our approach with paid ads is one that gets the best results through different techniques that we know work $1k/month Learn More

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Teaming up with clients to help them dominate the digital world of marketing

When it comes to running a business, we know that you have a lot keeping you busy meaning there isn’t time for you to handle the important things like marketing on your own. That’s where we come in. We know marketing and what it takes to get you more traffic and visibility on your site to bring you more leads.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We do keyword research and competition analysis to find the best keywords for you to rank for so that we can go in and take those keywords so that you can rank ahead of the competition.
  • Your site gets the most effective strategies performed by our SEO specialists so that it will perform faster through technical improvements and optimize it through meta titles and descriptions and level up your site to bring more leads.
  • Our writers get the key information that is needed about the operation of your business and then go and write top-quality articles with the keywords we researched to bring more people to your website.

This is really just the beginning of it. There is so much that goes on with this process so we can get you the most leads possible. We do activities such as getting backlinks from around the web that will go back to your site and give you a large boost in the Google rankings. We also have live dashboards that give a digital reprsesntation of what is happening on your website and also have monthly meetings to discuss what is going on and answer any questions you may have.

Commonly asked questions: 

What makes you different from other Remodeling/Construction marketing companies?

We are marketing pros and are multi-talented in the world of digital marketing. What do we mean by this? Well we are able to build websites that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also understand what it takes to bring people onto those websites which are designed in a conversion-focused way and will bring you more leads.

  • We believe it is important for you to be able to handle your marketing and understand what is going on
  • We don’t believe in long term contracts and keeping you “trapped”
  • You will get a live marketing dashboard along with monthly reporting
  • We love working with contractors and know what strategies give them the best results

What’s the timeline for websites?

Our timeline on websites is right around 100 days where we do a fully custom design and development of the site so that it is made specifically for your company. There are several companies that are out there using a different approach with their business by using WordPress themes or just by taking the easy road and not doing necessary steps to make the process move faster. When you work with these types of companies, they may be cheaper, but that’s because there is less effort going into it and you’ll probably end up coming to us again later to get things right.


How long does it take for SEO to get results?

SEO is not something that takes off overnight – it is actually a process that takes around 3 to 6 months to see clear results so you see that things are working well. There will be another stage at the 6 to 9 month mark where you will see your ROI to be seen and will also have a pretty sizable increase in the amount of leads you have.

The SEO Emotional Rollercoaster

Thank you for checking us out – let us know if you need a Landscaping marketing and lead generation services company!

Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

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