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Ads that Actually Get Clicks for your Garage Floor Coating Business

When you want an aggressive approach to getting more leads for your Garage Floor Coating business, let us at Hook help you build out a Paid Ad Strategy that brings actual results.

  • We research the top money-making keywords in your industry to give you a better chance of being seen by your ideal customers
  • Our ad copy is engaging and compelling to ensure that your ads actually get clicked
  • We design landing pages that are optimized for conversions, making the most of your marketing budget
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Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money on Ineffective Paid Ad Campaigns

Google Ads can be a wonderful tool for the success of your business, but only when you know the correct ways to go about creating goal-oriented campaigns. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing or the best way to reach your ideal audience, then you could be wasting tons of time and money making mistakes. Let us help you!

Our PPC approach:

  • Our PPC ads generate clicks to your website by being persuasive and compelling with ad copy that speaks directly to your dream customers
  • Our landing pages get straight to the point with clear headlines and CTAs that help you get more conversions 
  • Our experienced team monitors and tracks your results to make sure that your campaigns are efficient as possible in bringing you results


Writing great ‘creative’ copy and making sure it’s compelling and persuasive is foundational for any ads account.

Google Ads Structure


The under-rated hero of Paid ads, structuring your account will help everything be more efficient from organization to spend, affecting your bottom line.

Keywords Ad Management


What search terms that have many people searching them are worth going after. As a niched agency that only works with contractors we can find these more quickly.

Monthly PPC Management + Reporting, and a Live Marketing Dashboard = Starting at [Contact Us for Pricing]

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Learn How to Get More Leads with PPC

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Boost Traffic to Your Website with Paid Ads that Speak to Your Ideal Customers

Pay-per-click is a great way to quickly direct traffic to your website while you wait for results from SEO (that typically take a bit longer to see). When people search for the garage floor coating services they need, PPC ads from multiple companies will appear, but you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. By targeting the money-making keywords in your industry with compelling and eyecatching display ads, we help to draw more attention to your site, ultimately meaning more conversions.

Additionally, we direct your display ad traffic to landing pages that tell your ideal customers exactly what to do to convert. With compelling and persuasive copy and clear CTAs, our landing pages turn passive visitors into interested and paying customers.

For more information on how PPC actually works, check out this helpful video!

Here at Hook, we love helping growth-minded contracting companies ramp up the amount of traffic and number of leads they get with PPC and Google Ads. We have fine-tuned and structured our approach, making sure to help you make the most of your marketing budget with each and every campaign. So, when you’re ready to see what PPC can do for your business, give us a call!


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After we have an initial call – we can take a look at your area, key services you want to target, and how many people are searching in your area – and put together a report similar to this:

Free PPC Opportunity Report

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Ryan Hanson


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Our Process

  1. Quick intro call
  2. Strategy Meeting + Proposal
  3. Targeting Kickoff + We start work
  4. 1 month – Workshop + Revision
  5. Monthly reporting rhythm
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