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If you’re tired of the fluff and are looking for a partner that you can trust, here’s what Hook Agency delivers:

  • SEO best practices to help you rank higher on Google.
  • Increase your online brand presence
  • Professional website building and on-site technical support.
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Don’t get burnt out with the wrong kind of leads

  • We get more of the qualified leads that you are looking for so you can build your business.
  • We find the keywords that work and get you to rank higher for those words.
  • Flooring SEO will bring more of the people you’re looking for onto your site.


We can handle keyword targeting + writing content for you and your team.


We earn high authority links back to your site from around the web.

Technical SEO

We identify terms that people are searching for across the web and target your pages.

Monthly SEO + Reporting, and a Live Marketing Dashboard = Starting at [Contact Us for Pricing]/month

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SEO Will Help Take Your Business to the Next Level and Support Your Growth.

Search Engine Optimization typically referred to as SEO, is instrumental in building your online presence and getting your business noticed. The sites that rank higher and lower on search engines isn’t random; there is, in fact, an advanced, intricate science to it. Sites with better SEO will get better results—locals searching for fireplace services will find your company first!

SEO is an in-depth process, but it’s primarily about understanding and including the right keywords you’re trying to rank for; that is, the search terms that will bring your target audience to your site.

Here at Hook Agency, we’ve spent years doing SEO for fireplace companies. We know what works—and what doesn’t. Our knowledge and experience will give us the ability to rank your site and connect you with your targeted audience, people who need a fireplace company, and are ready to pay. We do that work for you and leave you to focus on what you do best: delivering your product.

Fireplace Marketing

Get Big Results – Build Your Brand and Your Customer Base

If your business has any marketing at all, it should be digital marketing. It is, simply put, the most efficient and cost-effective way for small and medium-sized companies to promote their business. Digital marketing allows you to leapfrog the competition and establish a brand without breaking the bank.

Digital marketing, when done right, offers real results. Little can build your brand more than developing an online presence. And, of course, it’s much easier for you to find potential customers when it’s easier for those customers to find you. Prioritizing SEO can be one of the most effective ways to promote and grow your small business.

But your area of expertise is fireplaces, not digital marketing. If you’re not going to do it right, the reality is marketing would be nothing but a waste of money. That’s where we come in. We can handle that side of things while you focus on delivering high-quality fireplace solutions.

“I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it.”

Dallas Werner

First American Roofing

Google Ratings, 5-Star Reviews

“Revenue-wise, it has paid off quite a bit.”

Josh Swisher

Northface Construction

Google Ratings, 5-Star Reviews

Our Process

  1. Quick intro call
  2. Strategy Meeting + Proposal
  3. Targeting Kickoff + We start work
  4. 1 month – Workshop + Revision
  5. Monthly reporting rhythm
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