Roofing Marketing Case Study: Monarch Roofing Quadruples Keywords

Alicia Tetrault Monarch Roofing marketing case study

A great brand always helps – but SEO takes relentless effort to dramatically increase traffic and leads from Google

  • We love working with Monarch, Martin Pettigrew gave this recommendation for our CEO on Linkedin “Tim!! could not recommend more 100% maxes out the SEO game and is an industry juggernaut! Authentic, charismatic, and innovative Tim and Hook Agency are A+ definitely recommend!”
  • But also – check out this awesome review we got from Alicia Tetrault, Marketing director at Monarch:

“You guys make it super easy to work with you. Any questions I have, you’re always there, and I love the monthly meetings I have with your team.”

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This graph shows keywords rising a dramatic 386% on a keyword tracker tool (

  • This means there are 386% more keyword phrases their website is showing up for on Google than a year ago.
  • This is because we identified keywords their customer is searching and made content (blogs and landing pages) targeting those keywords, and ensured it was valuable content so it continued ranking long into the future.

Keywords Roofing Marketing Case Study

We not only increased keywords – more importantly, we helped push a 311% increase in –FIRST PAGE – keywords

  1.  311.11% Increase in first-page keyword rankings (per Ahrefs 45 –> 185 / not accounting for the keywords added in the recent keyword update)
  2. 67.6% Increase in Engaged Sessions YoY (Sessions that lasted longer than 10 seconds, had a conversion event, or 2+ screen views)
  3. 33% increase in Local Service Ranking (Purchase Intent Keywords Searched In Their Local Area – Myrtle Beach SC, Hilton Head SC, Wilmington NC)
  4. Position #1 for ‘Roofing Myrtle Beach‘ when searched from Myrtle Beach, SC
  5. Position #5 (and first non-aggregator site) for ‘Roofing Near Me‘when searched from Myrtle Beach, SC
  6. Position #3 For ‘Roofing Hilton Head‘ (and first non-aggregator site) when searched from Hilton Head, SC
  7. Position #7 For ‘Roofing Near Me‘ when searched from Hilton Head, SC


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