Case Study: 15X ROI From Google Ads with Hook Managing

How did Andes Roofing Get 15X ROI with Google Ads?

Ethan Andes is undoubtedly a very focused and very disciplined roofing business owner – and much of the credit for the success of his overall marketing campaigns (and 15X ROI on PPC), goes to him. 

That being said – Ethan had tried Google ads on his own before and the complexities of the system, made it difficult to win until Hook Agency came in and shared what we’ve learned on 70+ Roofing Google ads accounts. 

We get better Google ads results because our sites our better.

  • Spending 5 or 10 thousands of dollars on ads to send customers to a less than adequate website, can waste serious money. 
  • We learn a ton on other accounts (yes, through failure and waste) but then apply all of those lessons to every other account.
  • We use every ethical, conceivable advantage to be competitive, and dominate search for your company.
  • So many roofing marketing companies know how to spend your money, but our background is in creating usable and persuasive websites – that’s where the money happens, because usually that’s where the visitor turns into a LEAD!


YouTube video

Great search marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum

Watch the above video for more about why Ethan does so well with whatever marketing he does.

  • He takes complete responsibility for the result of his campaigns so he doesn’t waste time blaming if something isn’t going well.
  • He reviews the numbers monthly to make sure ‘return on investment’ is strong, and if not – he works with his marketing agency to better allocate the spend so that it is. 
  • He brands his company loudly, does yard signs, branded Catchall systems around jobs, and does billboards in his area to get the word out about his brand and that helps the success of his ad campaigns as well. 

Get better results from your agency by thinking of it as a partnership, rather than a vendor – customer relationship. 

It’s tempting to defer to your agency, and then to get angry when something doesn’t work out.

It seems like the companies that get the most out of agencies (yes, including us) play a more active role in their marketing. 

They come to meetings, stay alert to changes, let us know if they aren’t offering a particular service at this time, and help us stay current with extreme weather in areas around them, or other big opportunities to double down on what’s working. 

Let us know if you’d like to create a partnership like that. 

We’re selective, because we know aggressive digital marketing isn’t for everyone – it’s for people that can be a great partner and can be involved so we’re all as successful as we possibly can be.


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